Economic Disaster Looms: The £300 Billion Cost of Britain’s Wind Power Debacle

“…outsourced our carbon emissions to developing countries such as China. Described by the PM’s special adviser as ‘an act of self harm’, our climate change policies are harming our standard of living, our jobs and our industry.”

They talk about the “social cost of carbon”. Well, the above paragraph explains absolutely the “social cost” rendered when the climate obsessed West imposes draconian climate policy on itself in a suicidal attempt to appease the fanatical environmental lobby, in a useless effort to fix a mythical non-problem – “Global Warming” now called “Climate Change”, as the planet hasn’t warmed, at all, for the past 18+ years, despite record CO2 emissions over the same period.

The West is being brought to its knees and slowly destroyed by a pseudo-scientific Leftist Trojan horse going by the eco-friendly name of “Saving The Planet”.

You have been warned…multiple times.


theresa may May she see sense before it’s all too late?


Britain set itself on the path to wind powered penury a decade ago and sealed its fate with its Climate Change Act in 2008.

As anyone with a modicum of common sense could have predicted, the result have been a social and economic disaster, the costs of which can only escalate from here.

In this report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the financial cost alone is tipped to hit £300 Billion, outstripping the cost of every other major piece of infrastructure policy currently on foot in Britain.

Report reveals £300 Billion cost of Britain’s Climate Change Act
Global Warming Policy Foundation
11 December 2016

A new report published today (PDF 518KB) by the Global Warming Policy Foundation reveals the extraordinary £319 billion cost of Britain’s Climate Change Act.

The report, which is based entirely on official figures, exposes the mischievous…

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