It’s Time for Frydenberg & Turnbull to Come Clean on the Cost of Subsidised Wind Power

“would you rather have your economic future destroyed by a $42 billion electricity tax, designed to subsidise the construction of another 6,000 of these things; or a $90 billion electricity tax, designed to subsidise the construction of another 12,000 of them [windmills]?”

No further comment your honour.


turnbull-frydenberg Do you really think they won’t notice a $42bn power tax?


STT has a hard time working out whether Federal Energy & Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg is simply thick, obtuse or knee-deep in the greatest government sanctioned rort of all time?

Faced with a disintegrating electricity grid, skyrocketing power prices and a renewable energy policy on the brink of collapse, Frydenberg is playing political games, when he ought to be tearing up Australia’s costly and chaotic energy policy and starting from scratch.

Like Nero, fiddling while Rome burns, Frydenberg is exhausting his political capital ranting and raving about the ludicrous 50% renewable energy target being peddled by the Federal Labor Opposition, as well as berating Australia’s State Labor governments, for attempting to run their own races on renewable energy.

With a nod to Scripture, Frydenberg is obsessed with the specks in his political opponents’ eyes, but fails to notice…

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Arctic Heatwave? It Was Warmer In 1985!


By Paul Homewood


You might recall apocalyptic claims last month about record breaking heatwaves in the Arctic.

As I suggested at the time, such claims were nonsensical, and were based on no more than isolated incursions of mild air from lower latitudes, certainly not unprecedented events.

We now have the full satellite data for December from RSS, which proves that these assertions were no more than lies:


The average temperature in December was pretty much average for the last couple of decades, and colder than most years since 2001.

Whilst there was a run of particularly cold Decembers during the 1980s, it should be pointed out that last month was actually colder than December 1985.

I return to a point I have often made – somebody is setting up the media with this barrage of lies, as most journalists are much too naive to work these things out…

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