More Mind-Blowing Sea Level Fraud From The University Of Colorado And NASA

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Sea level rapidly rising in the western pacific due to global warming: NASA
Aug 30, 2015

Sea level is not rising at all in the Eastern Pacific

According to recent revelations made by NASA scientists, the consequences of the global rise in sea levels might be even more frightening than the worst predictions made by top climate models i.e. models that don’t justify fast breaking up of glaciers and ice sheets. What’s more significant is that sea level rise has already begun. As a result, for NASA scientists, the open question right now is at what pace the seas will be rising from now on.

At this moment, warming of seas and expansions of waters caused by it make up around a third of global sea level rise. According to Steve Nerem of the University of Colorado at Boulder, who happens to be the lead scientist of the Sea Level…

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Roy Spencer On Satellite v Surface Temperature Data

Satellite temperature data was all the rage in the nineties, when it was warming. Now it’s scoffed at.


By Paul Homewood

With the ever increasing divergence of surface temperatures from satellite ones, it is worth republishing this post from Roy Spencer last October:

October 21st, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Much is being made of the “global” surface thermometer data, which three-quarters the way through 2014 is now suggesting the global average this year will be the warmest in the modern instrumental record.

I claim 2014 won’t be the warmest global-average year on record.

..if for no other reason than this: thermometers cannot measure global averages — only satellites can. The satellite instruments measure nearly every cubic kilometer – hell, every cubic inch — of the lower atmosphere on a daily basis. You can travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometers without finding a thermometer nearby.

(And even if 2014 or 2015 turns out to be the warmest, this is not a cause for concern…more about…

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President Obama forced to defend Arctic Drilling Decision

“Green groups are once again demonstrating that there is no compromise with fanaticism. Either you support every line item of their radical agenda, or they treat you as the enemy.”

And those green ‘fanatics’, the guardians of clickbait climate memes; “The science is settled”, “97% of all scientists”, “tipping point” etc etc

Buyer beware.

Watts Up With That?

Oil Derrick “West Texas Pumpjack” by Eric Kounce TexasRaiser – Located south of Midland, Texas.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

President Obama, on the eve of a 3 day flying tour of Alaska, to highlight the effects of global warming, has been forced to defend his decision to allow drilling for oil in the Arctic.

According to Obama;

“Our economy still has to rely on oil and gas. As long as that’s the case, I believe we should rely more on domestic production than on foreign imports.”

Read more:

However, green groups have gone on the attack, accusing Obama of hypocrisy, and of undermining his own global warming vision (same article).

“There is a very obvious contradiction between meaningful action to address climate change and continued exploration for remote and difficult hydrocarbon resources,” said Michael LeVine, Arctic campaigner for Oceana.

“Moving forward with exploiting Arctic oil and gas is inconsistent…

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Fire Is An Essential And Necessary Part Of The Forest Cycle

Climate zealots, Greens politicians (Obama) and their armchair sycophants, fail to acknowledge or realise that as CO2 has increased, wildfire acreage has decreased, where the U.S. is concerned.

But yes, facts and empirical evidence (science) are irrelevant when you’re pushing “save the planet” ideology, and when that ideology “climate change” is now a $1.5 Trillion industry.

Real Science

Greens get hysterical when forests burn, because they don’t understand anything about science, forests, or nature. Many species of trees can’t exist without fire. Aspens are making a rapid comeback in California, thanks to the fires.

ScreenHunter_10237 Aug. 30 06.00

LAKE FIRE: Aspens rising from ashes – Press Enterprise

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico (where I used to work as a wilderness ranger) have the tallest Aspen trees in the world.  These were the result of huge fires during the hot/dry 1890’s.


Spokane Falls Daily Chronicle June 25, 1890

New Mexico has been very wet the last two years, with few fires – and huge new Aspen Groves are growing around Los Alamos, which was hit by several large fires earlier this century.

Not only do greens not understand the climate, but they imagine they can control it. They are complete imbeciles, who have no business influencing policy.

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The ‘Cult’ of Climate Change (née Global Warming)

Great read.

The other benefit of being ‘green’ or a card-carrying member of the climate “cult”, is that you no longer have to tell the truth. Any falsehood or exaggeration you utter is just a sign of your commitment, not of your deceit.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Ari.H.

Global warming has become a religionJosh-97-percent-littlesThis is the opinion of Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever , Prof. Richard Lindzen, and many others. Climate change alarmism has a surprising number of attributes of a medieval or even ancient religion. Nevertheless, real religions have some pre-requisites, like a tradition spanning at least few generations. So the proper name for climate alarmism is a cult. And these are the telltale attributes:

1) Climate alarmists pretend to possess indisputable truths about the past, present, and future. From minute details of the paleoclimate to the world state 200 years in the future, alarmists know everything.

2) The alarmist movement stubbornly refuses to debate its dogma, calling it “settled science” and viciously attacking its critics. The attacks are not limited to name calling but include prohibiting scientific research that contradicts this dogma. Significant figures within the movement call…

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Hot Days Occurring Less Frequently In Australia

Real Science

ScreenHunter_10210 Aug. 28 09.10

Contrary to the lies of climate criminals, hot days in Australia have become less frequent, not more frequent.

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2015 Will Be The Most Criminal Year On Record For Climate Scientists

Real Science

ScreenHunter_2797 Aug. 28 21.41

Climate change: 2015 will be the hottest year on record ‘by a mile’, experts say – Climate Change – Environment – The Independent

I predicted two years ago that mainstream climate criminals would stop making any effort to be honest, and would simply start lying about record temperatures – and that is exactly what has happened.

2015 is nowhere near the warmest year, and there has been no warming for 18 years. These criminals at US and UK government agencies are simply making up numbers to meet political agendas.

ScreenHunter_2798 Aug. 28 21.47

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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India To Double Coal Production By 2020

Tallbloke's Talkshop

[image credit: Pakistan Defence] [image credit: Pakistan Defence]
India has set a coal production target of 1.5 billion metric tons by 2020, twice its current production, reports the GWPF.

No climate paranoia here. Full steam ahead to social and economic progress, just like Europe and the USA used to do before their leaders were distracted by ‘man-made climate’ syndrome.

Coal consumption in India, particularly in the electric power sector, is outpacing India’s domestic production.

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Today’s Sea Level Fraud From NASA

NASA’s 3 feet rise in global sea level by the end of the century, seems rather conservative compared against ABC (Australia) science presenter Robyn Williams’ sea level rise forecast of 100 metres by 2100!

Whether the climate ‘science’ comes from alarmist HQ NASA, the White House, ABC or their respective regressive political parties, it holds true that if you are ‘Green’, you no longer have to tell the truth. Any falsehood or exaggeration you utter is just a sign of your commitment, not of your deceit.

Real Science

Check out this moronic headline in the LA Times

ScreenHunter_2767 Aug. 27 13.16

New satellite measurements from NASA suggest that ocean levels could rise by 3 feet or more globally by the end of the century. The question faced by scientists and policymakers is not whether oceans will rise, but how fast and by how much.

“People need to be prepared for sea level rise,” said Joshua Willis, an oceanographer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge. “It’s not going to stop.”

Sea levels will rise, experts warn, and ‘it’s not going to stop’ – LA Times

Of course sea level is going to rise. It has been rising for 20,000 years – most of that time faster than now. Sea level will stop rising when we enter the next ice age.

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level (1)

NOAA Tide gauges indicate that global sea level will rise about four inches by 2100, not 40 inches.

ScreenHunter_2763 Aug. 27 12.31

Sea Level Trends…

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Climate scam has dwarfed those before? No, it’s bad but the air pollution scam has caused much more harm

Something I find quite troubling is that people from our side who are all worked up about the warmer claims are ignoring the junk science that is used to create the air pollution regime of the EPA, that has just as much of a detrimental effect on the US economy.

In fact, did you know that the EPA uses theire junk science air pollution death claims to justify their Clean Power Plan? DID YOU, NO YOU DIDN’T, but that’s OK, your congressmen didn’t know either. In fact it’s hard to tell what they know about the EPA claims on air pollution death effects.

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