Catastrophism Update: UN to deliver diagnosis, prescription for its ‘climate crisis’

Tough ask to comment objectively or responsibly on this one. Perhaps best left up to a literary master, unaffected by hubris.

“It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.”
— John Steinbeck

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The world only has one temperature, which must somehow be restrained by human efforts — and lots of money. Or so the endless IPCC reports would have us believe. Keep paying up so the self-styled weather controllers can ‘save the planet’.
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The United Nations was poised to release a capstone report Monday distilling nearly a decade of published science on the impacts and trajectory of global warming, and the tools available to prevent climate catastrophe, says

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 30-odd page “summary for policymakers”—compressing 10,500 pages authored by more than 1,000 scientists—is as dense as a black hole and will deliver a stark warning.

“We are nearing a point of no return,” UN chief Antonio Guterres said last week as diplomats from 195 nations gathered in Interlaken, Switzerland, to hammer out the final wording, finalized on Sunday night by exhausted and sleep-deprived…

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Greens Refuse To Discuss Recycling Renewables And Restoring Mining Locations To Pristine Condition

More proof that ClimateChange™️ and UNreliables have absolutely nothing to do with the “environment” or “saving the planet”. Rather, GlobalWarming™️ fears are a tool for political and economic change. While, UNreliables represent the religious symbol allowing for the greatest transfer of wealth from the working and middle classes to the corporate elite in the history of mankind.

Wasn’t long ago, the eco-freaks bandied around the hashtag #keepitintheground, in relation to all mining. That aged well. Hypocrites.

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By Ronald Stein ~

The reality is that all the mineral products and metals needed to make wind turbines, solar panels, and EV batteries are mined and processed in places like Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Bolivia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, mostly under Chinese control. Decommissioning and restoration of those mining landscapes back to their original pristine condition is not in the cards in developing countries. Recycling of worn-out turbine blades, solar panels, and EV batteries, in wealthy countries is also not in the cards.

The sites for the mining of materials required to build wind, solar, and EV batteries are under minimal to nonexistent labor, wage, environmental, reclamation, and worker health and safety regulations. The mere extraction of those exotic minerals presents social challenges, human rights abuses, and environmental degradations worldwide, but are of no significance to the wealthy countries benefitting from those “green” materials.

The climate cult COULD…

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Politico Uses Climate Change To Hype ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’

ClimateChange™️, the ultimate do-it-all fixer.

Why? Because it’s another one of the Left’s unimpeachable ‘causes/narratives’—along with race, gender, identity, covid etc—used to administer the neo-Marxist, globalist revolution, creating a brave-new-world in the image of themselves.

Happening right in front of your face, with near ‘net zero’ pushback.

Buckle up, it’s happening.

Be careful what you wish for.

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By P.J. Gladnick ~

“Comprehensive immigration reform.”

It the magic phrase so beloved by liberals. Despite the lack of enforcement of existing immigration laws especially at the border, liberals claim that “comprehensive immigration reform” will somehow solve the current problems. Of course, they never get into specifics because to do so would make it very difficult to ever pass such legislation. The most they do is vaguely suggest a “path to citizenship” (i.e. amnesty) for the millions of people now illegally residing in the United States.

Therefore Politico and its merry band of liberals in Zach Colman, Myah Ward, and Eli Stokols must be given credit for creativity for dreaming up a wild stretch in order to justify “comprehensive immigration reform.” See, despite over 300 million people living in America they contend that there are somehow not enough people here to fill the green energy jobs made necessary by, get…

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Electricity Prices Are Soaring In Heavy Wind Energy States

Surprise, surprise!

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By Steve Goreham~

United States electricity prices are rising rapidly, up 18.1 percent over the last two years. Renewable energy advocates claim that wind and solar installations produce cheaper electricity than traditional power plants, but power prices are rising as more wind and solar is added to the grid. In fact, electricity prices are soaring in leading wind energy states.

Over a 12-year period from 2008 to 2020, US average electricity prices rose only eight percent, according to the US Energy Information Administration. This was much lower than the inflation rate of 20 percent over the same period. But power prices rose five percent from 2020 to 2021 and an additional 12.5 percent last year. Most of this rise was due to rising US inflation, but the share of electricity generated from wind also rose from 8.4 percent in 2020 to 10.2 percent in 2022.

Headlines announce that electricity…

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Giant UK offshore wind farm ‘at risk without government support’ 

Without “government support” (taxpayer funds), aren’t all UNreliables operations “at risk”?!

The climate farce rolls on, completely unchallenged by the ideologically-driven, CO2-obsessed MainstreamMedia™️.
Buckle up… blackouts and the controlled demolition of Western Civilisation is well underway, obviously.
Clown world.

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The government talks about ‘investment’ in renewables. So-called cheap wind energy holds out the begging bowl again.
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Rising supply chain costs and other financial pressures are threatening the development of what could be the world’s largest offshore wind farm off the coast of Britain, says Energy Live News.

The Hornsea Three Offshore Wind Farm is expected to have a capacity of almost 3GW and generate [Talkshop comment – on a good day] enough energy to power three million homes.

Energy giant Orsted, which is behind the construction of the massive wind farm, has said it needs more government support to achieve project progress.

In a statement, Duncan Clark, Head of Orsted UK & Ireland, said: “Since the auction, there has been an extraordinary combination of increased interest rates and supply chain prices.

“Industry is doing everything it can to manage costs on these projects but there…

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