Bill Nye Thinks Paris Treaty Will End Floods

Shock news. All climate experts think they can change the weather. Exactly what weather and temperature they wish for is unknown even to them.
“Climate Change” isn’t about science or weather, it’s about moral vanity, power, money, ideology and control


By Paul Homewood


According to Bill Nye, floods in California have never happened before, and must be due to global warming.

Of course, it is not that long since we were told that California was in a permanent state of drought!

Most of California’s rain tends to come during winter months, and thus determines whether the state has droughts or floods.

History tells us that California rarely has a “normal” winter. Many years are either unusually dry or wet.


We don’t know what this winter will end up like, but the wettest on record so far since 1895 was the winter of 1968/9.

Hardly evidence that “global warming” is leading to more extreme rainfall.

And before anybody tries to claim that the current storm is unprecedented, they should first acquaint themselves with the Great Flood of 1862:

The Great Flood of 1862 was the largest flood in the

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