Friday Funny: This is why there weren’t presidential debate questions about climate


Watts Up With That?

Yesterday, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth among the usual climate activists over the lack of interest in climate change during the presidential debate. Serial climate doomster Joe Romm, of the hopelessly compromised “Climate Progress’, who has been outed in the Wikileaks Podesta emails as nothing but a paid political operative, called the lack of interest by moderators “criminally irresponsible’, which is hilarious in the context of his own behavior.


On Twitter, admitted document thief and poseur Dr. Peter Gleick also had some sharp words:

Even the NYT got into the act:

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Soros Gives $61 Million To Media Groups Promoting Clinton’s Liberal Agenda

Rigged system much?
Corrupt mainstream media bought off by the Left-wing elite.
We ‘all’ live in dangerous times when a politically, ideologically and money-driven media leans so heavily to one side.

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AlatheiaLarsenpicture-459-1430232516By Alatheia Larsen~

As U.S. citizens prepare to select the next president, one liberal donor spent more than $103 million on media over the last 14 years to promote his own progressive agenda.

soros_clinton_palsLiberal billionaire George Soros pledged to give at least $25 million to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes, according to Politico. And emails exposed by WikiLeaks showed Clinton staffers  going out of their way to “make Soros happy” before the 2016 campaign even started.

But that’s just a small slice of the pie. Media groups in the U.S. promoting the same liberal platform as Clinton got more than twice as much Soros money.

Between 2000 and 2014, Soros pumped an astonishing $103,236,632 into media groups that circulate his liberal, anti-capitalist messages throughout the United States and abroad. Of that total, $61 million from Soros went to nine liberal media outlets…

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Alarmist Scientists Are Trying To Hide The Good News That The Planet Is Getting Greener

How ironic that the “Greening of the planet”, thanks to CO2 (plant food), happens to be a very unwelcome messsge to the “Green” lobby and climate activists.

More proof that “Global Warming”, aka “Climate Change” has nothing to do with science or the environment, rather; power, money, ideology and virtue-signalling.


By Paul Homewood


Dellers writes for Breitbart:

Alarmist scientists are trying to cover up the good news that rising CO2 levels are making the planet turn greener. And that even includes one of the scientists who made the discovery in the first place.

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Climate Progress, Joe Romm, outed as political operative by Wikileaks

Sweet justice for Pielke Jr. who has been smeared, slimed and threatened by the activist Climate gang for not towing the party alarmist line. Leading to him partly removing himself from the mainstream debate – the progressive Left’s intimidation tactics working as planned. Threat neutralised. (their aim at least.)

Pielke Jr. writes of such intimidation in 2010 after appearing at a Republican congressional committee:

Pielke Jr. has been mocked as the “political scientist”, in a partisan sense, by the likes of Podesta’s activist site ‘Climate Progress’:

“I have a PhD in political science, but no political science department would ever hire me….The main reason for this is that I do policy research with an eye to being relevant. *Policy research has never ranked highly in the axiology of political science.* ” :

In 2015, Pielke Jr. was one of 7 US academics being investigated by US Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) – ranking member of the House of Representatives Committee on Environment and Natural Resources – for the “crime” of presenting data that disagree with alarmists who make bogus claims about weather and weather-related losses:

Excellent piece by Pielke Jr on the damage to science for discrediting free-thinking academics:


The Wikileaks Podesta emails – the gift that keeps on giving…

Watts Up With That?

WIKILEAKS: ThinkProgress Trashes A Climate Expert’s Career To Appease A Hillary Donor

Posted By Michael Bastasch (Daily Caller)

ThinkProgress Editor in Chief Judd Legum sent an email to a billionaire donor bragging how the liberal blog’s environmental writer targeted a climate researcher who challenged a major Democratic talking point on global warming, according to leaked emails.

The blog’s environmental arm, ClimateProgress, (run by Dr. Joe Romm) took issue with pollster Nate Silver’s 538 website, hiring Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. to write about global warming issues. Pielke is no skeptic of man-made warming, but he challenged a Democratic talking point that global warming was making extreme weather more severe.

Romm YouTube Image Dr. Joe Romm of Climate Progress believes we are going to fry.

ClimateProgress immediately embarked on a crusade to discredit him “[p]rior to Pielke writing anything” for 538 — based solely on the fact they didn’t like his research on extreme weather.

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Pointless Wind Farm Carnage: British Study Confirms Wholesale Bat Slaughter

In wind-power-obsessed Spain (an obsession that has led to the literal destruction of their economy) between 6 and 18 million birds and bats are slaughtered each year, according to the Spanish Ornithological Society.

Where’s the outrage from ‘Green’ groups, RSPCA, WWF, PETA ??

The answer is simple: “Environmentalists” would, in times past, raise the alarm at obstructions being built by the thousands across the land [slaughtering birds and bats], but today the “Socio-Enviro-Emotionalists” salivate at the site of these rising monsters, believing they are “saving the planet.” (Duane J. Hyland)



Bats matter to our environment as they assist with pollination, pest control and seed dispersion.

In the UK it is an offence to deliberately (or recklessly in Scotland) disturb a bat in a way that would (significantly in Scotland) affect its ability to survive, breed or rear young …. or significantly affect the local distribution or abundance of the species.

Dead bats and birds underneath wind turbines are a common finding and because of scavenging are likely to reflect much higher kill rates. The more turbines the more bat species as a whole are threatened.

In Europe the 2014 Gidelines for bats in wind farm projects states

The most significant impact of operating wind turbines on bats is direct killing (Arnett et al. 2013a), caused due to collision and/or barotrauma Arnett et al. 2008, Baerwald et al. 2008, Grodsky et al. 2011, Rollins et al. 2012). Migrating bats and bats from local sedentary populations are often…

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Renewable Power Australia – Report: Wind Power Caused The South Australia Blackout

Wind Power – a ‘weather’ dependant energy source that can’t handle ‘weather’ 🤔

Oh the irony!

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill – along with green energy interests and many journalists – claimed South Australia’s fault had nothing to do with the state’s wind generators. They were telling untruths. A new report into the disaster concludes the blackout was caused by wind farms suddenly going off line, while gas generators didn’t.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, October 6:

What we do know now is despite all of the fearmongering about wind power is that wind power continued to operate throughout the event.

Clements Gap wind plant in South AustraliaClements Gap wind plant in South Australia

Absolutely false.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has now published an update that puts the blame on wind farms.

Thermal power worked fine during the storm, but wind farms failed. Some simply couldn’t work in the high winds, but the real problem was that many were set to stop working after several lightning strikes…

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Indonesia Doubles Coal Use, Ratifies “Climate” Treaty

Meanwhile, the politically correct, climate-obsessed, eco-brainwashed West continues to destroy their economies, pursuing useless “unreliable” energy – wind and solar – that do not reduce global emissions, at all.

Such energy fantasies simply increase the cost of doing business, making industry uncompetitive, shifting jobs and ’emissions’ offshore to third-world countries where environmental regulations and working conditions are substandard, leading to real environmental and social issues, like forest destruction, air particulate pollution and sweat shops.

Draconian Climate policy, formulated by unelected global elites at Paris-like gabfests, really are “killing the planet to save it.”


By Paul Homewood




Tony Heller noted this juxtaposition of news from Indonesia this month.

So perhaps it is time to recall just what it was that Indonesia agreed to in the Paris Agreement.

My full analysis of Indonesia’s INDC, which the Carbon Tracker website rated as “Inadequate” from last November is here. But the gist of it is this:


The BAU case projects emissions of 2881 GtCO2e by 2030:


Therefore, a cut of 29% leaves a target of 2046 GtCO2e, still well above 2005 emissions of 1800 GtCO2e.

But this is not the whole story.

As the above makes clear, land use change accounts for 63% of all emissions, totally dwarfing the burning of fossil fuels. This figure reflects the enormous amount of forest that has been cut down, often to make room for palm oil and pulp wood plantations. On top of that,

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