Connect The Dots On Climate Change … Alarmism

We need to get some broad based support,
to capture the public’s imagination
So we have to offer up scary scenarios,
make simplified, dramatic statements
and make little mention of any doubts…
Each of us has to decide what the right balance
is between being effective and being honest.

– Prof. Stephen Schneider,
Stanford Professor of Climatology,
lead author of many IPCC reports


Huffington Post capturing the publics imagination with scary, simplified and dramatic climate scenarios lies

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at , September 2, 9.51.45 AM

Climate Change could turn Greenland, well, Green – Huffington Post 31/8/2013

Thanks to climate change, low-lying island nations may have to evacuate, and sooner than previously expected. Melting of the Greenland and west Antarctic ice sheets has been underestimated, scientists say, and populations in countries like the Maldives, Kiribati, Tuvalu and others may need to move within a decade.


Alarmist cries of rapid sea level rise and Pacific Islanders losing their homes are completely unsubstantiated by empirical evidence and peer-reviewed science. The catastrophic message essentially stems from statements by the thoroughly discredited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and promoted vigorously by Governments pushing their own draconian climate agenda and vested interests angling to cash in on climate guilt..

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at , September 2, 10.57.04 AM

Apparently no one from The Australian Government bothered to check Sea level data for Kiribati. Neither satellites nor tide gauges show any rise in sea level over the last thirty years:

kiribatimap (1)

Data and Station Information for CHRISTMAS ISLAND II

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at , September 2, 11.34.48 AM

Prior to the 2009, Copenhagen Climate Conference COP15, the Maldives Government devised an idiotic publicity stunt demonstrating how far some people are willing to go to prostitute their victimhood for financial gain:

Maldives Cabinet Signs Climate Change Document 20 Feet Under Sea


GIRIFUSHI, Maldives –  Members of the Maldives’ Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals Saturday at an underwater meeting staged to highlight the threat of global warming to the lowest-lying nation on earth.

With a backdrop of coral, the meeting was a bid to draw attention to fears that rising sea levels caused by the melting of polar ice caps could swamp this Indian Ocean archipelago within a century. Its islands average 7 feet above sea level.

“What we are trying to make people realize is that the Maldives is a frontline state. This is not merely an issue for the Maldives but for the world,” Nasheed said.

As bubbles floated up from their face masks, the president, vice president, Cabinet secretary and 11 ministers signed a document calling on all countries to cut their carbon dioxide emissions.

The issue has taken on urgency ahead of a major U.N. climate change conference scheduled for December in Copenhagen. Keep Reading »

The Maldivian Governments alarmist stunt gone the way of a Nigerian email scam:

NZ research shows Pacific islands [growing] not shrinking

From TV New Zealand:

An Auckland University researcher has offered new hope to the myriad small island nations in the Pacific which have loudly complained their low-lying atolls will drown as global warming boosts sea levels.

Geographer Associate Professor Paul Kench has measured 27 islands where local sea levels have risen 120mm – an average of 2mm a year – over the past 60 years, and found that just four had diminished in size.

Working with Arthur Webb at the Fiji-based South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission, Kench used historical aerial photographs and high-resolution satellite images to study changes in the land area of the islands.

They found that the remaining 23 had either stayed the same or grown bigger, according to the research published in a scientific journal, Global and Planetary Change.

“It has been thought that as the sea level goes up, islands will sit there and drown,” Prof Kench told the New Scientist. “But they won’t.

“The sea level will go up and the island will start responding. Keep Reading »

Peer-Review: The dynamic response of reef islands to sea-level rise: Evidence from multi-decadal analysis of island change in the Central Pacific

But of course, when it’s back to business, the Maldivian Government isn’t at all concerned about Sea-Level rise, opening four brand new airports:

Maldives Opening Four New Underwater Airports

DECEMBER 13, 2012 – Not A Lot Of People Know That

While Louise Gray was wetting her knickers in the Daily Telegraph at the prospect of handing over billions of our money to compensate low lying island states, and our ludicrous Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, talked about helping “people who are losing their countries below the waves”, the Maldives have been busy getting on with life in the real world. 

During the past year, they have been busy building four new airports. Keep Reading »

Despite popular opinion and calls to action, the Maldives are not being overrun by sea level rise

Posted on WattsUpWithThat March 19, 2009 by


I just read your article on sea level alarm in the Maldives. You may not be aware of a study there by Nils-Axel Morner, a Swedish sea level expert (former president of the INQUA Commission of Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution). Attached is photographic evidence by Morner that sea level in the Maldives is not rising relative to the coasts but has indeed fallen! Global sea level has been rising at a rate of about a foot per century but the Maldives are either rising or subject to a local sea level anomaly related to ocean currents and evaporation rates. Thus, the ‘poster child’ of Gore’s sea level alarm is invalid.


Keep Reading »


The purported plight of the Maldives and Pacific Island nations Kiribati, Tuvalu et al serve merely as emotional arguments to promote Government climate agenda for carbon (dioxide) taxes, whilst cash-strapped Pacific Island Nations use the associated climate guilt as a vehicle to pursue compensation to be paid by Western nations. Economic outcomes in line with the United Nation’s wealth redistribution agenda.


Look What You Did To The Maldives


Pacific Island climate alarmism/propaganda (mainstream-media):

Climatism Links:

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