Three Generations Of Data Tampering And Hiding The Decline

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In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences published the Northern Hemisphere temperature graph below, which showed cooling from 1940 to 1970 back to 1910 levels.

ScreenHunter_288 Sep. 06 15.12

Science News

By 1982, scientists had already eliminated much of the 1940 to 1970 Northern Hemisphere cooling

ScreenHunter_289 Sep. 06 15.13

temperatures 1982

And then Hansen got a hold of it, completely changed the shape of the Northern Hemisphere plot, and almost completely eliminated the 1940 to 1970 global cooling period.

ScreenHunter_291 Sep. 06 16.04

Fig.A3.gif (625×474)

The animation below cycles through the progressive stages which government scientists have tampered with history in order to match their CO2 theory, normalized to 1920-1940

Thre Generations Of NorthernHemipshereDataTampering

And of course there is the elimination of Briffa’s trees from the hockey stick, which showed the same decline that Hansen has erased.

ScreenHunter_233 Jul. 26 16.34

Fortunately, there were quite a few real scientists from the 1970s who documented the global cooling which later Orwellian crooks tried to erase.

ScreenHunter_393 May. 21 04.35

NCAR  newsweek_coolingworld.pdf

ScreenHunter_389 May. 21 04.08

The Milwaukee…

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