No Warming For 70% Of The IPCC’s History

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We are now at AR5 with zero warming since AR4. The last IPCC report which actually experienced any warming was SAR in 1995. In fact, the vast majority of the IPCC’s history has seen zero warming, and prior to that the warming was primarily due to rebound from Mt. Pinatubo cooling.

This complete lack of warming through most of the IPCC’s history has led them to 95% certainty that humans are heating the world out of control.

That level of certainty “has increased with every report,” notes Dr. Hayhoe, an expert reviewer for the IPCC. “Because we have more data, we have more science, we have more observations.”

For IPCC, Confidence Only Grows in Human Contribution to Climate Change –

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Climate Scientists Lie In Unprecedented Ways

If a ‘catastrophic’ event like Niagara Falls freezing into icicles had occurred within the last 15 years, the IPCC would have designated an entire chapter to it and the bureaucratic charlatans would hail it an ‘unprecedented’ climatic event, caused by evil mankind at a 95% certainty level.

Real Science

The Earth has changed in “unprecedented ways” since 1950, the U.N. says, and its scientists are 95 percent certain that humans are responsible.

UN climate change report dismisses slowdown in global warming | Fox News

I’ve been around almost the entire period since 1950, and I am quite certain that the IPCC is completely full of shit.

Here is a very short list of bad weather from a single year.

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ScreenHunter_356 Jun. 26 21.07

28 May 1936 – Disastrous Forest Fire NEW YORK, Tuesday.

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