Arctic Sea Ice In 1979


By Paul Homewood


As we know, NSIDC only publish Arctic sea ice data from 1979. As I have pointed out many times, this just happens to coincide with one of the coldest periods of the 20thC in the Arctic.

For instance, in Iceland:



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New Mexico Summers At Fraud Central

“Hottest Year Evah” update …

Real Science

According to Heidi Cullen at Climate Fraud Central, New Mexico summers are getting red hot, warming at 12 degrees per century.


Every State’s Temperature Trend for Every Season | Weather Underground

Had she done any actual research, she would have found out that this was largely due to one bogus thermometer at Springer, NM


Other nearby thermometers show something completely different. Temperatures are no warmer than 80 years ago.



And in the middle of the state, the same thing. But the real fraud lies in the date where Heidi starts her trend. Right at the low point of the last century.



A few stations in New Mexico do show summer warming, but claims of 12 degrees per century for the state are utterly absurd.

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Rampant Wind Turbine Bird Slaughter Pushes Vulnerable Species to the Edge of Extinction

Birds covered in oil, gasping and dying from disasters like Exxon Valdez are rare yet are plastered across the media with understandable shock and horror.

Rare birds and bats are being slaughtered by the hundreds and thousands *everyday* by Industrial Wind Turbines, yet we hear little to nothing on mainstream media, or from green groups.

Where’s the outrage?

Green hypocrisy at its ugliest and most sinister.


stone age cave dweller

Centuries from now – archaeologists and palaeontologists will be sifting through what were communities of isolated-candle-lit hovels and find the remains of the 21st Century wind-worship-cult that ended up living in the Stone Age poverty that they were ready to foist upon everybody else.

As they unravel the secrets of what led to the great wind power fraud – that will then be ancient history – the experts will be more than a little perplexed at how these people were able to generate foaming outrage – on the one hand – and malign indifference – on the other – when faced with identical avian outcomes.

Every time an oil rig blows up or an oil tanker runs aground – the faux ‘green’ is the first to howl “blue murder” and demand an end to the oil industry, as soon as birds start washing up on a beach drenched in…

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