Mugabe First To U.N. Trough In Global Warming Shakedown

“The looting begins…


By Paul Homewood


From Investor’s Business Daily:

Corruption: Zimbabwe tyrant Robert Mugabe is asking the United Nations for $1.5 billion a year to feed his people, who he says are hungry due to global warming. The looting begins.

About a year ago, we said that the global warming scare is not about stewardship of the environment. It is instead an effort to pull down capitalism and redistribute wealth from rich nations that earned it to poorer nations whose governments impoverish their own people. Mugabe fully understands the plan and is making his demands accordingly.

The Zimbabwe Herald, the state-run newspaper, reports that a fifth of the country’s population is facing hunger and insists that if global warming isn’t causing the hunger now, then it will be soon. But hunger in Zimbabwe is nothing new, though it is man-caused. It’s the work of Mugabe, though, not Westerners driving SUVs…

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How not to measure temperature (or climate change) #96

NOAA and NASA say UHI isn’t important. Therefore they do not make the obvious adjustments necessary to compensate for UHI affected sites such as this when calculating their “Hottest Year Ever”.

Satellites (UAH/RSS) don’t have asphalt car parks, AC exhausts or human development located next to them, which is probably why they show no global warming, at all, over the past 18+ years.

Watts Up With That?

From the “global warming data looks better with heat-sinks and air conditioners” department.

Dr. Mark Albright, of the University of Washington writes:

Here is a great example of how NOT to measure the climate! On our way back to Tucson from Phoenix on Monday we stopped by to see the Picacho 8 SE coop site at Picacho Peak State Park. Note the white MMTS temperature monitor 1/3 of the way in from the left. The building is surrounded by the natural terrain of the Sonoran Desert, but instead the worst possible site adjacent to the paved road and SW facing brick wall was chosen in 2009 as the location to monitor temperature.

Here is a view looking Northeast:


For an aerial view in google maps:°38’45.9%22N+111°24’06.9%22W/@32.6461088,-111.4018201,111m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=en

The NCEI HOMR metadata repository tells us:
COMPATABLE EQUIPMENT MOVE 55 FEET DUE WEST. EQUIPMENT MOVED 05/06/2009. (that is when the new state park…

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South Australia’s Wind Farm Fiasco Heralds a Nuclear Powered Future

Billions upon billions of wasted taxpayer dollars, job losses, blackouts and brownouts later, a glimmer of sense and reason prevails in the energy debate…


koutsantonis Er, Tom this is one message that requires your full attention …


Earlier in the week, we detailed how South Australia’s wind farm fiasco has left its taxpayers on the hook for tens of $millions in subsidies, to be directed to the French owner of a mothballed Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plant at Pelican Point, on the Lefevre Peninsula north-west of Adelaide.

Not that its vapid Premier Jay Weatherill or its Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis will ever admit it, but the heavily subsidised deal they have struck with GDF Suez to guarantee the 24/365 availability of 479MW of dispatchable (ie ‘controllable’) power, is a monumental concession that SA’s too-long held dream of being powered by the wind has turned into energy chaos and an economic nightmare.

There are 3 electricity essentials – that the power source and its delivery to homes and businesses be: 1) reliable; 2)…

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Impossible To Ignore – In 2015 Alone Massive 250 Peer Reviewed Scientific Papers Cast Doubt On Climate Science

“Settled science / 97% consensus” update …


By Paul Homewood


Reposted from NoTricksZone:

Reader Kenneth Richard has compiled and submitted a comprehensive list of some 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers from 2015 on climate, all supporting the premise that the Earth’s climate is driven in large part by natural factors. It now has been posted.

Science institutes can no longer ignore massive body of scientific evidence that contradicts the man-made global warming theory. Image: logo of the National Academy of Sciences

How could the IPCC, scientific academies, institutions, lawmakers possibly ignore them? They are out there for all to see – and now in a single list.

What follows is just a tiny random sampling of the findings this massive body of evidence delivers:

A small sampling of findings

“Mounting evidence from proxy records suggests that variations in solar activity have played a significant role in triggering past climate changes.”

“Solar minimum conditions reinforce the…

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Bee-pocaclypse called off, bees doing OK, global warming was never a cause

What other things are blamed on ‘climate change’ simply to push the scare?

Watts Up With That?

Back in 2007, Wired Magazine mused:

It’s only slightly less ridiculous than the other bee killing theory that year – cell phones.

I published a story about the loony idea that was proposed by some researcher in Europe about “cell phone radiation may be killing bees”. I pointed out that it was garbage then, as it is now.

In 2012, I published a post saying global warming is off the hook for the issue, due to the discovery of a phorid fly parasite that had been spreading through colonies due in part to the commercial trucking of bees on demand.

Now in a new set of data from USDA, publicized in a story from the Washington Post today, it turns out bee colonies are now at a 20 year high, and that beekeepers have basically solved the problem on their own.

Call off the bee-pocalypse: U.S. honeybee colonies hit a…

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