Call that a Pause?


The length of the “pause”, “hiatus”, slowdown”, or “plateau”, whatever you wish to call it, is of great interest to sceptics and mainstream climate scientists alike, although Global Warming Enthusiasts such as John Cook try to pretend it doesn’t exist and/or is not important.

In this post I am showing the length of time during which the linear trend of temperatures is less than +0.01C per 100 years- i.e. zero or negative.  I use the UAH version 6 data to April 2015 which has been recently released, for various regions of the globe.  University of Alabama (Huntsville) data are derived from satellite radiosonde data for the lower troposphere.  These represent how the bulk of the atmosphere is behaving.

I am well aware of the criticism that commencing the trend calculation near the 1997-1998 El Nino may distort the trend, so these calculations merely show how far in the past we…

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More On The Arctic Ice Satellite Scam

Real Science

Arctic ice propaganda at NSIDC depends on graphs like the one below, which cleverly start at peak ice in 1979, and create the deceptive appearance of a linear decrease in ice – intended to fool the reader into believing it is due to CO2 emissions.


But they are hiding the Nimbus 5 microwave satellite data, which goes back to 1972 and was included in the 1990 IPCC report. The Nimbus 5 data completely wrecks their story, because it shows that ice in 1974 was no more extensive than it is today, and that NSIDC cherry-picked 1979 as their start date.

ScreenHunter_8822 Apr. 30 06.28

Below is an image from the Nimbus 5 satellite, taken in January 1976 – which shows how detailed the imagery was. NSIDC has no excuse for not using it. It was used in both the IPCC FAR and SAR reports.

ScreenHunter_9237 May. 14 03.48

Also interesting to note how much Antarctic sea ice has increased…

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Hump day hilarity: WUWT’s new policy on hate mail – your hate mail will be published

Michael Mann, to his ironic misfortune, is quite possibly the greatest billboard and marketing machine of the very enemy he taunts and hides from. Taunts run through schoolyard use of bully-boy social media, hidden (running) from intellectual and reasoned debate.

Before pressing send on the keyboard, has ‘Dr’ Mann ever queried to himself “would Albert send hate and smear out like this or….?” I think perhaps not. Ever.

Dear Mike, “What others say and do is a projection of their own reality…” Ruiz

Watts Up With That?

koch-derangement-syndromeThere comes a time when you just have to decide not take the abuse silently anymore, but instead, to laugh at it.

As many of you know, this is the world’s most read website about climate – by both sides. As a result, my email is like a firehose. I get a lot of legitimate email, but I also get a lot of abuse from people that think I’m not allowed to have a different opinion on all things climate; some people think I shouldn’t even be allowed to have a website or a voice. You know who you are, since WUWT is read equally by both sides daily.

Typically though, I just delete hate mail like this. Today, given a few other elements that made me laugh, and since this person is obviously ignorant, misinformed, and filled with hate, I’ve decided to publish it. It’s not like the…

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Glacial Retreat During The Non-Existent 1940’s Warm Period

Real Science

NASA has recently erased the 1940’s warmth, but data tampering doesn’t grow ice back.

ScreenHunter_1845 May. 13 17.43ScreenHunter_1846 May. 13 17.45

ScreenHunter_1847 May. 13 17.45

National Geographic : 1976 Nov, Page 594

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Glacier Bay, Alaska Retreated 40 Miles From 1794 To 1896

Real Science

The glacier at Glacier Bay, Alaska retreated at a spectacular rate of six feet per day from 1794 to 1896.

ScreenHunter_1840 May. 13 13.46ScreenHunter_1839 May. 13 13.45

National Geographic : 1896 Apr, Page 138

If this happened now, experts would declare it to be 100% proof of man-made warming.

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