Australia Used To Be Hotter

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Prior to 1940, hot days in Australia were much more common.

ScreenHunter_9326 May. 16 09.26 

Over the course of the full year, afternoon temperatures in Australia were warmer in the 1880’s than in the past decade.

ScreenHunter_9327 May. 16 09.29

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The NASA Temperature Record Is A Farce

Real Science

Our most accurate planetary temperatures come from satellites. The US space agency apparently doesn’t believe in satellites, and instead uses a very sparse array of UHI contaminated surface thermometers, and then they tamper with the data to produce a fake warming trend.

Satellites show the Earth cooling in the 21st century, but NASA shows it warming.

ScreenHunter_9312 May. 16 05.40GISSvsRSS2001-2015

NASA reported temperatures are diverging from satellite temperatures at a rate of almost one degree C per century – more than the entire claimed warming since 1880.

ScreenHunter_9320 May. 16 05.54

NASA is constantly altering their historical data to create the appearance of a non-existent warming trend.


The NASA graphs are useful for politicians who want to raise taxes, and for insurance companies who want to raise premiums – but are worse than useless for scientists who actually want to understand the climate. They show they exact opposite of what is happening to the climate.

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Climate Change Australia – Bjorn Lomborg On The Warmists’ War On Facts

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Bjorn Lomborg on the despicable campaign by group-thinking academics to shut down his proposed centre at the University of Western Australia:

20101129_Lomborg Bjørn Lomborg

Opponents of free debate are celebrating. Last week, under pressure from climate-change activists, the University of Western Australia cancelled its contract to host a planned research centre, Australia Consensus, intended to apply economic cost-benefit analysis to development projects — giving policymakers a tool to ensure their aid budgets are spent wisely.

The centre in Perth was to be a collaboration with a think tank I run, Copenhagen Consensus, which for a decade has conducted similar research. Working with more than 100 economists, including seven Nobel laureates, we have produced research that measures the social and economic benefits of a wide range of policies, such as fighting malaria, reducing malnutrition, cutting air pollution, improving education and tackling climate change.

Therein lay the problem. This…

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This Afternoon’s Climate Fraud Award – Goes To UCLA And The LA Times

Real Science

Check out this spectacular fraud published by UCLA in the Journal of Climate

ScreenHunter_9301 May. 15 16.32 “The most important message we want to convey is that it really depends on each scenario we choose — whether we keep on putting carbon dioxide in the air,” said Fengpeng Sun, the lead author of the UCLA study published in the Journal of Climate. “We should probably prefer new energy, like solar or wind, and try to be not be so addicted to gasoline.”

Number of days with temperatures above 95°F to soar in L.A. County – LA Times

Ojai is a small town 10 miles northwest of the LA sprawl.

ScreenHunter_9304 May. 15 17.08

Ninety-five degree days there were much more common in the 1920’s when CO2 was lower. The UCLA study started their trend in 1981, near the coolest point of the 20th century, after 50 years of plummeting temperatures.

ScreenHunter_9299 May. 15 16.30

The other half of their treachery is using downtown LA as…

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Now available in print – Climate Change The Facts – Let’s send ‘DeSmog Blog’ a message for their recent falsehood

Well done Anthony and all the other esteemed authors. Can’t wait to read more climate realism with reason. Shall buy my x2 copies today! Cheers

Watts Up With That?

climate-change-the-facts-photoA number of people have been waiting for this book to come out in print since we first announced it. I’m happy to say it is now available in soft cover, as shown above. By ordering it from Amazon, you can kill two birds with one stone: get a printed copy, and send those boneheads at Jim Hoggan’s DeSmog blog a message that despite their attempt at smearing this book, it will be successful anyway.

Australian Tax Breaks Help Fund Climate Science Denier Mark Steyn’s Libel Defense in the US

Australian “free market” think-tank The Institute of Public Affairs chose option two in the late 1980s and has stuck with it since.

Now a climate misinformation book produced by the IPA and paid for with the help of tax breaks in Australia is seemingly helping to finance Steyn in a high profile libel case.

The IPA decided it would…

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