NASA – Hiding The Decline

Real Science

In 1976, the New York Times reported that the Northern Hemisphere had cooled nearly as much since 1945 as it rose in the first part of the century.

ScreenHunter_9434 May. 23 07.33

The National Academy Of Sciences reported this cooling.

ScreenHunter_9438 May. 23 07.49

But it didn’t fit the global warming agenda, so NASA has since made almost all of that cooling disappear.

ScreenHunter_9437 May. 23 07.45

Fig.A3.gif (625×474)

NASA temperature data is propaganda, not science. Skeptics who pretend that NASA temperature data is legitimate, are enabling this scam.

GISS-1981-2002-2014-global GISSUS1999vs2015

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Dreaming Of An Electric Car

Evil coal or Fukushima stuff powers the electric car anyway ….

Real Science

I drove my 1998 SUV from Baltimore to Fort Collins in less than 36 hours door to door. The vehicle cost me $2,000 on Craigslist three years ago, and I spent about $200 on gas travelling cross country..

If I had a $30,000-$60,000 electric car, the trip would have taken between a week and a month, I would have spent thousands of dollars on motels, and I would have saved a few bucks in fuel costs.

The government tells us that electric cars are a great idea.

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