The Death Of The Green Energy Movement

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Moore_Steve_TDS-loBy Stephen Moore ~

The green energy movement in America is dead. May it rest in peace. No, a majority of American energy over the next 20 years is not going to come from windmills and solar panels. One important lesson to be learned from the green energy fad’s rapid and expensive demise is that central planning doesn’t work.

508windmills-1250x650 The San Gorgonio Wind Farm in Palm Springs, Calif. (Photo: David Bro/ZUMA Press/Newscom)

That crushed green energy was the boom in shale oil and gas along with the steep decline in the price of fossil fuel that few saw coming just a few years ago.

A new International Energy Agency report concedes that green energy is in fast retreat and is getting crushed by “the recent drop in fossil fuel prices.” It finds that the huge price advantage for oil and natural gas means “fossil plants still dominate recent (electric power)…

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