Nuclear Fusion / Fission Hybrid?

NUCLEAR Fusion R&D – This is what we should be spending money on.

DIVERT even a fraction of the taxpayer trillions wasted on novelty, symbolic, feel-good, weather-dependent Wind and Solar energy that is destroying economies, landscapes and people’s lives through energy poverty.

CONSIDER also, that as more solar and wind generators come online, the demand only rises for more backup/baseload power from “dirty” fossil fuel plants (or nuclear) to fill the gaps and keep the grid stable when the wind doesn’t blow or the wind don’t shine. The result – adding even more CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Not a good result if (plant food) CO2 is your ideological enemy.

APART from CO2-free energy generation, the other benefit of hydrogen fusion is that the main ingredient is available from the sea – water.

THOUGH, in my opinion, it is cheap, abundant, reliable energy that actually spooks deep-green Malthusians. Well before environmental/atmospheric concerns.

Stanford University’s resident population freak Paul Ehrlich gives us a clue:

“Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.”

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Building an energy producing nuclear fusion reactor remains elusive, but some companies are re-considering an old idea – combining nuclear fusion with nuclear fission in a single reactor, to overcome the disadvantages of both.

Fusion-fission hybrids: nuclear shortcut or pipe dream?

While nuclear fusion’s key milestones remain elusive, could fusion-fission hybrid reactors represent the best of both worlds? Start-up Apollo Fusion aims to make this complex concept a commercial reality, but formidable obstacles remain.

The fusion-fission hybrid concept

Is pure fusion truly only a matter of years away? Opinions vary due to the formidable technical challenges that remain to be solved. But while the likes of ITER, the National Ignition Facility and a host of start-ups and academic labs around the world continue to hammer away at the fusion chestnut, a decades-old alternative concept that combines fusion and fission has resurfaced.

The idea of…

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