Germany’s ‘Transition’ Back to Coal: Renewable Energy Push Smacks Into Reality

“Cheap coal lets them run at full tilt when necessary while the weather dictates if wind and solar produce anything at all.

“Wind and solar cannot even fill current gaps and a system run mainly on green power would fail to provide guaranteed supply over a winter fortnight, it says.

“Power grid operator Amprion has said German networks came close to blackouts during settled and overcast conditions in January when renewable plants produced almost nothing.

“Even environmental groups acknowledge the fossil fuel lobbies have a point, arguing there must be remedies to the problem of intermittent renewable supply.”

ONE TRILLION EUROS later and the German’s work out that symbolic, weather-dependent energy – wind and solar – does nothing other than make people feel virtuous and morally superior.

WHAT a disgraceful waste of other people’s money.

AGAIN, the worst any of these politicians and green-energy lobby groups will ever be accused for wasting billions of other people’s money, killing jobs, economies and wrecking landscapes is an excess “save the planet” of virtue.

So very, very wrong.


Germans ‘transition’ back to coal …

All lies and promises, wind and sun worshippers keep telling us that rocketing power prices and unstable grids are just minor ‘teething problems’ on our way to an inevitable ‘transition’ to a wonderful world run entirely on sunshine and breezes.

On their worldview, it’s a matter of when, not if, modern economies end up completely ditching ‘dirty’ coal-fired power plants, and otherwise wean themselves off fossil fuels, altogether.

Trouble is, in places like notionally wind powered South Australia and Germany, the so-called ‘transition’ has just smacked into reality: the only thing inevitable about it, is more chaos, triggering a run of new promises and even bigger lies.

Every time the facts trouble their fanciful narrative, the narrative shifts, yet again.

Whether it be Elon Musk’s promise of mega-batteries (a $150 million wheeze that would power SA for all of four minutes), pumped hydro…

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