South Australia: Sublime One Day, Ridiculous the Next – Premier Set to Squander $1.2bn on Solar-Thermal Boondoggle

CLEARLY eco-Jay didn’t bother to google, googles very own massively failed “Ivanpah” solar thermal plant in CA!

“As every 10-year-old who ever got a sweater for a birthday present has been told, “it’s the thought that counts.” That seems to be the guiding principle at the Department of Energy and the California Public Utilities Commission when it comes to solar power.”

“The managers’ explanation for why production came up 32 percent below expected output is the weather.”

ANOTHER $650,000,000 of other people’s money down the toilet. Thanks Jay.


Jay Weatherill & entourage: ready to embarrass his State, yet again.

South Australians must wake each morning not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

With unemployment already the worst in the Nation and soon to rise fast – when General Motors Holden shuts the door on SA’s last motor manufacturing plant in October – the highest power prices in the world (with worse to come) and a grid on the brink of collapse, Croweaters must wonder what they did to deserve such punishment.

Some might point to the fact that they keep voting in Labor governments packed with witless and cynical lawyers who, as a class, are more adept at running worker’s compensation claims or bullying firms on behalf of the unions they worked for, than running modern economies. However, if the object is running a once modern economy into the ground, then Jay Weatherill is your man.

In another…

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