BIAS BY OMISSION : No Mention Of Mother Nature’s Undersea Volcanoes In The Latest Antarctic ‘Global Warming’ Scare Story


ANTARCTICA has always been a thorn in the side of the Climate Crisis Industry. It simply has not behaved as global warming alarmists would have liked or as climate models predicted.

HISTORICALLY, Antarctica has been cooling and growing ice mass, despite rising carbon dioxide emissions. Emissions that, according to ‘global warming theory’, are meant to effect the poles greater than mid latitude regions due to the lack of humidity enhancing the theorised CO2 feedback.

RECENT Antarctic studies underscore the inconvenient contradiction to the global warming theory…

2015 NASA Study

Guardian Report 2015

2016 Nature Study

2017 Cambridge Study


WHAT’S driving the contradiction down under?

ACCORDING to Josefino Comiso et al, in the the Journal of Climate, cooling temperatures over the ocean and surrounding Antarctica are driving the increase in Antarctic sea-ice…

Positive Trend in the Antarctic Sea Ice Cover and Associated Changes in Surface Temperature- Journal of Climate- Vol 30, No 6.png

Positive Trend in the Antarctic Sea Ice Cover and Associated Changes in Surface Temperature: Journal of Climate: Vol 30, No 6

The Antarctic sea ice extent has been slowly increasing contrary to expected trends due to global warming and results from coupled climate models…


Figure 1. Monthly anomalies of Southern Hemisphere sea ice extent (left panel) and area (right panel) derived using the newly enhanced SB2 data (black) of Comiso et al. and the older SBA data (red) prior to the enhancements made by Comiso et al. Trend lines for each data set are also shown and the trend values with statistical errors are provided. Source: Comiso et al. (2017).

LONG-RANGE Studies :

BIG increase in snowfall in Antarctica with “The effect of the extra snow locked up in Antarctica is to slightly slow a general trend in global sea-level rise.” Once again, contradicting UN IPCC climate model predictions!


ANY sign of ‘warming’ at the inconvenient southern pole sends the climate-theory-obsessed mainstream media into a collective meltdown. A recent and ongoing example being the discovery of melt occurring along the Western Antarctic ice shelf …

West Antarctic ice sheet collapse ‘unstoppable’ [ABC]

Irreversible Changes Now Affect Antarctica and the World [Live-science]

‘Nothing can stop retreat’ of West Antarctic glaciers [BBC, By Jonathan Amos]

West Antarctic ice collapse ‘could drown Middle East and Asia crops’ [The Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg]

Antarctica’s ice collapse threatens metres of sea level rise within decades [The Ecologist]

Global warming: it’s a point of no return in West Antarctica. [The Guardian Eric Rignot]

CLIMATE PROPAGANDA 101 - Omission Bias


WHAT the lamestream, fake news media conveniently and consistently fail to tell you is that the Western Antarctic region has a substantial range of active undersea volcanoes, some the size of Mt Fuji, that directly effect ocean temperatures and subsequent melt rates…


2017 NATURE Study :

EVIDENCE that some of the volcanoes under the Antarctic ice sheet have recently (geologically speaking) erupted…

2016 Nat Geo Report :

Mount Fuji-size peaks unexpected, scientists say.

“It was amazing finding them,” said Phil Leat, a geologist volcanologist with the survey. “There were so many of these volcanoes we had no idea about.”

WARMING directly corresponds with the volcanoes under the Western Antarctic ice sheet:


NO mention of Mother Nature’s undersea volcanoes in the latest Guardian Antarctica propaganda piece.

WHAT other relevant facts do the Guardian and other climate-theory-obsessed lamestream media outlets omit in order to push their man-made global warming agenda?


UPDATE (14 June, 2018)

MAINSTREAM media is having a collective brain haemorrhage over a new Antarctic melt study out of Nature journal …

The Antarctic ice sheet has lost more than 2,500 billion tonnes of ice in the past 25 years and nearly half of that has happened since 2012.

An international team of polar scientists found that melting in Antarctica has jumped sharply from an average of 76 billion tonnes per year prior to 2012, to around 219 billion tonnes each year between 2012 and 2017.

That’s adding 0.6 of a millimetre to sea levels each year. Antarctica stores enough water to raise global sea levels by 58 metres, and has contributed 7.6 millimetres since 1992, according to the research published in Nature today.

The rate of Antarctic melting has nearly tripled in the past five years – Science News – ABC News


THE area where most of the ice loss is happening is in West Antarctica…

“ice loss from West Antarctica to increase from 53 ± 29 billion to 159 ± 26 billion tonnes per year…”

THIS happens to correspond with the exact area effected by the undersea volcanoes mentioned in this post. A natural phenomenon not mentioned in ANY of the reports I’ve read on the latest Antarctic freak-out story circulated across the climate-obsessed mainstream media. 

RATHER dishonest one would assume…

“OMISSION BIAS” strikes again!

WORTH noting that the East Antarctica region has ‘gained’ ice mass over the study period:

East Antarctica, with its average rate of mass gain over the period 1992–2017 (5 ± 46 billion tonnes per year)


UPDATE (16 June, 2018)

THE Antarctic melt hysteria continues.

ANOTHER Article, this time out of “New Scientist” again fails to mention the West Antarctic volcanoes as having any effect on the melt noted in the Nature study…

Alarm as ice loss from Antarctica triples in the past five years | New Scientist 1.png


COMMENT from one of the 84 researchers involved in the study:

“Warmer water is eating into the ice sheet,” says Whitehouse. “Warming oceans are really the major problem.”


Everywhere? Or, only in the Western Antarctic where those pesky undersea volcanoes are located?

LET’S check the veracity of that comment via the latest ARGO circum-Antarctic and Southern Ocean temps:

ArgoCircumAntarcticSince200401 55S-65S

ARGO data of circum-Antarctic waters shows no trend since 2004 and the 30 year T trend of the Souther Ocean is negative.


GLOBAL WARMING alarmists say that the West Antarctic is melting thanks to CO2.

THOUGH they can’t explain why the rest of Antarctica doesn’t appear to be melting as well!



UPDATE (17 June, 2018)

What an Engineer Finds Amazing About the Claims of Arctic and Antarctic Melting

Guest opinion by Ronald D Voisin 

It’s just amazing how we as a society can let global group-think ideas have fantastically large continued public traction when direct scientific observation utterly refutes the very basis of the ideas.  Can not the alarmist scientific folks (I’m thinking here of Mann, Alley, Schmidt, Hansen, etc.) be just a little bit honest about what is actually going on?

Sea level rise is widely reported every single day as an imminent man-made climatic disaster.  Portions of Greenland melt, and portions of Antarctica melt. are presented as proof-positive that human burning of fossil fuels is causing the Earth to overly warm and therefore causing these melts…which will lead to coastal inundation…and we must therefore change our ways at any cost.

However, it just so happens that these same portions of Greenland and Antarctica melt are now known to be situated over highly active geothermal sites…and that 100% of the observed melt is easily and readily attributable to current enhanced geothermal heat release.



Now, exactly why it is that that enhanced geothermal heat release is happening just now, is unknown.  But it surely has nothing to do with human consumption of fossil fuels. Can it actually be argued that this misrepresentation of cause-and-effect is somehow, nonetheless, in the public interest?

An intellectually honest, potentially wrong and disprovable, but likely meritful answer, as to why geothermal heat release might be currently enhanced, can be found here:

About the Author

Ronald D Voisin is a retired engineer.  He spent 27 years in the Semiconductor Lithography Equipment industry mostly in California’s Silicon Valley.  Since retiring in 2007, he has made a hobby of studying climate change.  Ron received a SEE degree from the Univ. of Michigan – Ann Arbor in 1978 and has held various management positions at both established semiconductor equipment companies and start-ups he helped initiate.  Ron has authored/co-authored 31 patent applications, 27 of which have issued. 

UPDATE: This graph from David Middleton really tells the story about Greenland:

What an Engineer Finds Amazing About the Claims of Arctic and Antarctic Melting | Watts Up With That?


UPDATE (1 July, 2018)

Volcanic heat source discovered under Pine Island Glacier, the poster child for Antarctic melting

[heat source] Plays critical role in movement, melting

[heat source] Plays critical role in movement, melting

Via Eurekalert KINGSTON, R.I. — June 22, 2018 — A researcher from the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography and five other scientists have discovered an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica.The discovery and other findings, which are critical to understanding the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, of which the Pine Island Glacier is a part, are published in the paper, “Evidence of an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier,” in the latest edition of Nature Communications.Assistant Professor Brice Loose of Newport, a chemical oceanographer at GSO and the lead author, said the paper is based on research conducted during a major expedition in 2014 to Antarctica led by scientists from the United Kingdom. They worked aboard an icebreaker, the RRS James Clark Ross, from January to March, Antarctica’s summer.

“We were looking to better understand the role of the ocean in melting the ice shelf,” Loose said. “I was sampling the water for five different noble gases, including helium and xenon. I use these noble gases to trace ice melt as well as heat transport. Helium-3, the gas that indicates volcanism, is one of the suite of gases that we obtain from this tracing method.

“We weren’t looking for volcanism, we were using these gases to trace other actions,” he said. “When we first started seeing high concentrations of helium-3, we thought we had a cluster of bad or suspicious data.”

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet lies atop a major volcanic rift system, but there had been no evidence of current magmatic activity, the URI scientist said. The last such activity was 2,200 years ago, Loose said. And while volcanic heat can be traced to dormant volcanoes, what the scientists found at Pine Island was new.

Read on…


UPDATE (3 July, 2018)

Three New Studies Confirm Volcanism Is Melting West Antarctic Glaciers, Not Global Warming

via CCD :

Three new research studies confirm that geothermal heat flow, not man-made global warming, is the dominant cause of West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) melting, greatly strengthening the basic premises of Plate Climatology Theory.

marie byrd bedrock plume

A review of these new research studies is discussed below:

Read full report here…


At The Other Pole :

Related :

See also :

Origins Of The Global Warming Scam :


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