China And Russia Rejoice At America’s Quest To Go Green

“While America’s unabated movement toward electricity from breezes and sunshine have transferred the countries’ fossil fuel demands onto foreign countries, the data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that the growing demands of societies for petroleum-based liquid fuels will remain strong — and in fact grow — through at least 2050 as America, like much of the European Union, places more reliance on hostile foreign powers for its energy security.”

Not only is the climate-obsessed West suffering from a dangerous deficit of cheap, reliable energy, but also a deficit in reason, common sense, logic, and debate.

Putin has been emboldened to invade Ukraine, not because he’s a “murderer and a war criminal” but because the indolent and ideological West has become so weakened in their obsession with ridding the world of invisible, odourless trace gas and plant food, Carbon Dioxide.

Why attack Carbon dioxide? Because it’s the byproduct of ~80% of the world’s cheap, reliable energy supply — fossil fuels/thermal energy.

Control CO2 and you control the world and the lives and livelihoods of every single person on the planet.

This *is* the ClimateChange™️ agenda.

This is what it’s always been about — power and control over you.

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By Ronald Stein ~

China and Russia are great War historians of WWI and WWII, and know that the countries that controls the minerals, crude oil, and natural gas, controls the world! Biden has done an excellent job of relinquishing “CONTROL” for the “green” materials to China, and relinquishing “CONTROL” of the crude oil to OPEC and Russia! God help America!

How is it possible that America has allowed itself to become so dependent on authoritarian countries like China, Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia over the 30 years since the end of the Cold War? The weaponization of energy by China and Russia have been extensively discussed in the three books co-authored by Ronald Stein and Todd Royal, including the 2022 Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy ExploitationsHelping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy.

America is in a fast pursuit toward…

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One Comment on “China And Russia Rejoice At America’s Quest To Go Green”

  1. L E Deaux says:

    As a scientist I believe that among the most obvious signs that CO2 induced climate change is a hoax, is the fact that the morons selecting the foundation for the hoax chose the very gas that fuels 99.996% of all living tissue (life) on earth (botanical life). More CO2 is greening. Less CO2 is plant starvation. Every time I hear a damnable lawyer turned politician I think about what poorly educated rubes most of them are. Oh they are very good at turning a crises into money, be they ambulance chasers or writing laws for you and I, but not themselves. There is no way an ice core can properly record CO2 in prior climates. The activities that lead up to the trapping events that ultimately become ice cores are terribly poor chemical and atomic mechanic vehicles to trap CO2 that sublimates away from water ice long before the ice becomes snowfall. CO2 sublimates at -79C while snow forms at -15C. A snowflake is like a Bahama beach to a CO2 molecule.

    Then there is the fact that CO2 is NOT twice as dangerous as H2O when looking at comparable masses. In the first place. There is 25 x more water in 1 million parts of atmosphere than CO2 and Ch4 combined. Water is the principle GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and no matter how hard anthropogenic hoaxsters try and hide that face (notice in internet searches for GHG’s how water has disappeared from most graphics) the fact is water (H2O at 25,000 ppm on average WW is the driver of the GHG effect, not CO2 (400 ppm) or CH4 (3 ppm). What is amazing is how complicit the news media and even conservative politicians are in buying into this foolishness. CO2 is to plants what O2 is to animals including humans. The more CO2 in the air, the GREENER THE PLANET will get. You want to keep greening the earth, shrink deserts and possibly stave off the next ice age that is likely right around the corner…add CO2 to the atmosphere so that Plants can absorb it, green up the planet and hold back the tipping point of too much winter snowfall in the future. Global warming is not a problem. Vikings roamed around the North Atlantic and till the ground for barley, hay and wild oats in Greenland for 150 years, something impossible in today’s climate only 900 years later. I am tired of the idiocy of the left and culturally beloved morons like Bill Nye or Neil de Grass Tyson spouting all the bull-crap in exchange for endorsement pay of one form or another. This entire enterprise was always about finding ways to tax sunlight and selling us the very air we breath and nothing more.

    L. E. Deaux
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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