No To Coal Fired Power: How South Australia’s Labor Party Killed Reliable Power Supply

Their “global warming” ideology lends hatred toward coal, yet are completely reliant on the giant extension cord to Victoria’s coal to keep the lights on.

Welcome to insanity.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

A new letter shows how South Australia’s Labor government, maddened by its global warming religion, refused a deal to save its last coal-fired power station. Result: electricity bills shot up and the whole state lost its power.

Rebecca Puddy:

The Weatherill Labor government has released a letter ­detail­ing negotiations with the last coal-fired power station in South Australia, after a 16-month battle to keep it secret.

It … shows that, five months before announcing the closure of its Port Augusta power station, Alinta Energy wrote to the government seeking help to increase shareholder confidence for capital investment in the face of a deteriorating wholesale energy market.

It builds on revelations by The Australian that Alinta had ­approached the government in January last year for help, with plans to expand the life of the power plant and mine to 2028.

But the government rejected its ­approach and…

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One Comment on “No To Coal Fired Power: How South Australia’s Labor Party Killed Reliable Power Supply”

  1. Tom Harley says:

    Sue their pants off …


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