Freefall: Wind Power Investment Collapses in Europe

‘Unrealiables’ in freefall. Shock news.

“The reason is obvious: despite decades of promises that these technologies will soon be commercially viable, they still cannot compete in the market against conventional sources of electricity.”


turbine collapse ireland

In a ‘what goes around comes around’ kind of way, it’s fitting that the great wind power fraud is taking European ‘investors’ – of the Energreen mold – to the cleaners.

The subsidies have run out and, as night follows day, investors are racing to the exits – which brings the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time to an inevitable end. Here’s Andrew Follett with some more moaning from the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers.

Report details collapse of “Green energy” in Europe
The Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
10 May 2016

The amount of money flowing into European green energy from governments and the private sector collapsed from $132 billion in 2011 to $58 billion last year.

A report, published Tuesday by a British auditing firm, blames government cutbacks of subsidies and the failure of green energy to meet reliability and cost goals as a reason for declining investment. The cutbacks largely occurred…

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Aussie Artists bag $10,000 Public Grant to Attack Christmas Climate Waste

The Green-Left despises the freedom that nurtures them. They have little notion of the hardships in store for them if they succeed in strangling it.

Watts Up With That?

Screen shot of a publicly funded Sydney sex clown attacking Christmas and Climate Change Public money at work – Screen shot of a publicly funded Sydney sex clown attacking Christmas and Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A group of Sydney artists have collected $10,000 of public money, to perform a single showing of a play which featured a sex clown attacking the negative impact of Christmas on the global climate.

According to The Daily Telegraph;

SYDNEY Lord Mayor Clover Moore has slugged already hard-up ratepayers a whopping $10,000 to fund a controversial left-wing review that attacked Christmas as being bad for the environment.

The show, called Climate Change Variety Hour, was performed in front of tiny audience of just 70 people at Sydney University on Saturday night.

The poor turnout means Ms Moore spent about $142 of ratepayers’ cash per audience member.

One of the acts featured a ­bizarre performance by a near-naked “sex clown”.

Read more (paywalled): The Daily Telegraph


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Climate fear is being used to take away human freedom and empower governments

Another *must read* Paul Driessen…

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Climate fear is being used to take away human freedom and empower governments

Driessenprofile2By Paul Driessen ~

The Obama Administration is using climate change to “fundamentally transform” America. It plans to make the climate crisis industry so enormous that no one will be able to dismantle it, even as computer models and disaster claims totally lose credibility — and even if Republicans control Congress and the White House after 2016.

Obummers-628x353Numerous regulators, researchers, universities, businesses, manufacturers, pressure groups, journalists, and politicians now have such strong monetary, reputational, and authority interests in climate alarmism that they will defend its tenets and largesse tooth and nail.

They are pursuing this agenda even though global warming is dead-last in the latest Gallup poll of 15 issues: Only 25% of Americans worry about it “a great deal,” while 24% are “not at all” worried. By comparison, 46% are deeply concerned about the size and…

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