Galileo Movement Video: It’s Steam – Stupid

  • Most modern or upgraded coal-fire plants, mainly from the west, are required under strict regulations to remove 99% of particulates known as fly-ash. This is why the air in modern cities like Melbourne, Sydney, America and Europe have some of the cleanest air in the world. Compared with the chronically polluted cities of China, SE Asia and the sub-continent, who aren’t required to adhere to strict ‘particulate’ emission standards.
  • Most underdeveloped countries simply cannot afford to retro-fit their existing plants to make them clean or simply do without to keep costs down.


  • Another example of why the greatest driver of environmental health is economic prosperity. If you want a healthy environment, you need a healthy economy. Draconian climate policy threatens the wealth and prosperity of western economies. Potentially limiting the ability to divert excess capital to innovate and keep improving the overall environment.


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One of my pet peeves is the way the media always use images of power stations shot from an angle at a time of day when the steam condensate coming out of cooling towers is made to look like smoke. I mentioned it quite recently as being at the top of my list of annoyances about the way climate and energy issues are reported. Now the Galileo Movement in Australia has made a nice short (2min) video to alert the public to the way they are being lied to, manipulated and deceived.


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