Scientists Achieve Net Energy Gain In New Fusion Reaction Test

Bravo. Nuclear fusion, *the* future of clean, cheap, abundant, unlimited energy, IMHO. It’s what powers the sun (stars). And, the main ingredient, available from the sea… H2O!

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By Adam Houser ~

Nuclear fusion has been pursued by researchers for years as the key to the world’s energy future. Clean, efficient, reliable, and powerful, nuclear fusion would change the world, and undercut the debate between solar and wind and fossil fuels almost overnight.

Yet for decades researchers have failed to prove that nuclear fusion can work in the real world, despite hundreds of millions (if not more) spent by governments and foundations across the world.

Now, however, scientists may have turned a corner. According to Fox Business, US scientists working out of a California laboratory “achieved a net energy gain in a fusion reaction.”

Fox Business reports:

“Scientists have been struggling since the 1950s to harness the fusion reaction that powers the sun. But no group has been able to produce more energy from the reaction than it consumes. 

“Though developing fusion power stations at scale is still…

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