Belfast councillors to undergo ‘carbon literacy training’ 

Why don’t/won’t they call it “carbon [dioxide] literacy training”?

They don’t dare to, obviously.

‘Nuff said.

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CO2 is not pollution
Sounds like a bizarre make-work scheme dreamt up by climate obsessives. Will they hear about photosynthesis?
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Belfast councillors are to undergo “carbon literacy training” to ensure they understand the science behind climate change, says the Belfast Telegraph.

It comes as the council is working to reduce its carbon footprint, recently announcing it will transition its vehicles that are currently powered by diesel to hydrotreated vegetable oil.

Earlier this year, the council adopted a target of reducing the city’s carbon emissions by 66% from its level in 2000 by 2025.

A Climate and Resilience Committee has also been established to help the council achieve its ambitions.

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