UK fracking moratorium reinstated

Another example of why Truss had to go.

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Fracking: note the deep shaft
The people doing the banning conveniently forget they can’t enough gas at the moment, including from the US obtained by the method they profess not to like. But importing fracked gas is no problem, essential even.
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The ban on fracking in England will be reinstated, new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said.

It reverses a decision by his predecessor Liz Truss, says BBC News.

Fracking was first halted in England in 2019, amid opposition from green groups and concerns about earth tremors.

What is fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a technique for recovering gas and oil from shale rock.

It involves drilling into the earth and directing a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals at a rock layer, to release the gas inside.

Wells can be drilled vertically or horizontally in order to release the gas.
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2 Comments on “UK fracking moratorium reinstated”

  1. OWEN ABREY says:

    The problem with “Fracking” is the hysterical response to the word. Hysteria by definition is irrational or non rational fear that this engenders in non scientific people.
    This hysterical state is cultivated by people who know better but do it anyway hiding behind pseudo science. For people to take a position without studying the science, the further perpetuate a “political science” not an empirical approach. Most antifrackers fail to understand: depth. The depths at which franking occurs are mind boggling, and the antifracker does not appreciate these enormous scales. Most think of an artist’s diagram which is never to scale. This is crucial to understand in order to enter the debate without hysteria.

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  2. Sunface says:

    Terrorized by fear of the unknown and that is the problem Once people are are in this state they are irrational and cannot reason. They are in a trance of some sort.

    “Fear is the most elemental and powerful human emotion. It’s the thing that human beings are least able to ignore. Fear also puts people in a frame of mind where it’s very difficult for them to behave rationally. They’re more likely to behave instinctively and they are more likely to look for salvation wherever they can find it. For that reason, governments have always relied on fear to keep subjects in line, and they’re continuing to rely on it today.” -Dr. Robert Higgs (April 2009).


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