Two Vax Good, Four Vax Bad

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Well worth a read. If only to restore your faith in the government health bureaucracy (autocracy). /sarc

Science Matters

Animal Farm2

My title concerning mRNA vaccines is a play on the Animal Farm slogan.  It’s prompted by research reports looking for answers why highly vaccinated populations like those in Europe and North America experience continuing Omicron infections, while other places like Africa do not.  The surprising finding is summarized at the end of the report.  While two vax shots do not prevent future infections, they do protect against serious illness from the virus, and thus benefit the persons.  But the data suggest that additional booster shots are counter-productive by diminishing the immune system response to further viral exposure.

The paper published in Science is Immune boosting by B.1.1.529 (Omicron) depends on previous SARS-CoV-2 exposure.

A long-term study of healthcare workers in the United Kingdom has allowed their history of infection and vaccination to be traced precisely. Reynolds et al. found some unexpected immune-damping effects caused by infection with a heterologous variant…

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2 Comments on “Two Vax Good, Four Vax Bad”

  1. Professor Michael Wilson says:

    Nonsense. For a start infections in Africa are not reported. Not only do most places not have power they don’t have Drs either within any walking distance

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  2. CIVETTA says:

    I’m 80, insulin-demanding diabetic, with difficulty breathing (until last November), with a three-fiber pacemaker and two stents, had polyp bladder surgery and colorectal cancer 3 years ago. At my 3rd dose of Pfizer, last November,an immediate improvement in my respiratory state, a new youth in the legs and renewed mind. And the fourth dose, 4 weeks ago, further improved the whole: I can be in love again! Unless I’m like the tree that covers itself with flowers when it dies?


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