US Temperature Readings Are Junk, Negating Climate Science

“Most of today’s climate science depends upon the presumed temperature record that is now known to be false. Thus climate science must be corrected.”

And yet, we walk ourselves—willingly, virtuously, and naively—into societal and civilisational oblivion driven by fake solutions (wind/solar) for a fake problem (ClimateCrisis™️).

Ask yourself, why? Then, bookmark it.

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By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

Anthony Watts has done it again. He and his intrepid brigade of field workers have done what the super rich US Global Change Research Program cannot seem to do, or does not want to do. They actually went out to see how well the Federal thermometers met the required performance standards.

The thermometers fail, in fact they fail miserably. Thus their readings showing rapid warming are pure junk. Much follows from this. The whole $2.6 billion a year USGCRP is trying to explain something that does not exist. Science is only as good as its data and the temperature data is very bad.

The issue is local heat contamination. Not the famous urban heat island contamination; that error goes on top of what Watts and Co found. We are talking about visible sources of heat contamination, many just a few feet from the contaminated thermometer.

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One Comment on “US Temperature Readings Are Junk, Negating Climate Science”

  1. Mister Blaine says:

    I thought that global atmospheric temperatures were measured with satellites. And those readings indicate a warming trend.


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