The Army’s Climate Obsession Is A Disgrace

“Switching one’s energy dependence from oil supplies to China-controlled electrical energy equipment is foolish, bordering on insane, in strategic terms. Where are the senior security analysts in the US Department of Defense willing to point this out?”

Where are they? They are purposefully and actively weakening America, by design, by authority.

“Build Back Better” isn’t merely a slogan. They mean it.

The problem is, what does “better” actually mean? They haven’t told us yet, just as Marx (to his credit) warned that he had no idea what his theory of Marxism would portend for the future.

We all (now) know how Marxist doctrine has played out since — misery and death for all.

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By Dr. Jay Lehr and Robert Lyman~

The United States Army has just published its climate strategy. In the foreword, Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth, holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Williams College and a former civilian employee of the Department of Defense, proudly stated that:

The army must adapt across our entire enterprise and purposefully pursue greenhouse gas mitigation strategies to reduce climate risks. If we do not take action now, across our installations, acquisition and logistics, and training, our options to mitigate these risks will become more constrained with each passing year.

One might wonder why, as Russian troops invade the Ukraine and China ceaselessly builds up its air, surface and naval forces, the United States Army is turning its mighty attention to the goal of defeating carbon dioxide emissions. The Armys former recruiting slogan, Be…

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One Comment on “The Army’s Climate Obsession Is A Disgrace”

  1. Louis Deaux says:

    CO2 emissions as a climate driver is a complete hoax. The laws of Thermodynamics are clear on that. Furthermore, the use of ice Corp studies to pretend to establish ice age and interglacial A-CO2 levels is preposterous. CO2 sublimation from the surface of snowflake is again one of the most critical reasons for challenging the faux physics of ice core theology. The event compaction activities that ultimately lead to ice that is cored is known to chemists and physicists to be near void of credible data. The trapping event is more like to squeeze CO2 out of the ice crystal surfaces than to trap it. Water ice as snow falls at a temperature of from -15 to +3°C, but CO2 begins to sublimated away from surfaces like a snow flake at -79°C. So virtually no CO2 piggybacks on the surface of snowflakes. CO2 is much too energetic yo stay put 9n thd massive surface to volume ratio of the snowflake H2O crystal.

    But Botanists would also question ice core science tgat says icexage CO2 levels drop to around 180-240 ppm. Plants the metabolize using CO2 in their photosynthesis processes begin to suffocate without CO2 at 240ppm. By 200 ppm, most plant life on earth is dying off after just a few decades or so. But an ice age can last 80,000 to 120,000 years.

    The baseline of 270 ppm was an arbitrary assessment made by early climate modelers in the early 1980s. They were likely wrong by about -50-80 ppm for an 1850 value of 270.

    As for the physics of CO2, it along with an even more rare trace element CH4 combine and contribute about 800 basis energy units (eKu) to a greenhouse gas (GHG) effect that includes another 25,000 equipment from H2O (yes common water vapor). Stored eKu from atmospheric water dominates the GHG contribution (5.644%) of total planetary climate (wwT = 288.8°K>|0°|K). So if more than 97% of the GHG effect is from water, abd perhaps a 6th of CO2 at 400 ppm is from human activity, then the total eKu of GHG from CO2 is no more than 1/100th of the 1°K increase in Delta:wwT[2020-1850]since 1850.
    The math does not lie.

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