Global computer usage has more ’emissions’ than aviation industry, say researchers

Will Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter et al., be renouncing their carbon (CO2) ‘sins’ at UN COP26 in Glasgow?

Nahh, didn’t think so.

And so, the hypocrisy train rolls on. Choo-choo!

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Climate obsessives drone on about such things endlessly, and pointlessly. Attacking all aspects of modern technological life on the basis of an irrational fear of trace gases leads nowhere good. Time for a complete re-think.
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Global computer usage produces twice the greenhouse gases as the aviation industry, new analysis suggests.

Figures from Lancaster University reveal emissions from computing account for almost four per cent of all greenhouse gases spewed into the atmosphere, compared to two per cent for air travel, says the Telegraph.

Previous studies had claimed that computing’s share of global emissions was between 1.8 and 2.8 per cent, however the researchers of the new paper say this was an underestimate.

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