Scientists return from Arctic with wealth of climate data

“Scientists return from Arctic with wealth of climate data”, and a wealth of taxpayer money! “Budget for the expedition is more than 120 million euros.”

AND, wasn’t that the same “Polarstern”, who deliberately stuck itself in the ice that was meant to have “disappeared” by ~2014, whose supplies were dangerously delayed by the Russian supply-ship, stuck in the same ‘disappearing’ Arctic “Dense Sea Ice”?

Exchange Of Arctic Research Crew Gets Delayed As Supply Ice Breaker Blocked By Unexpected “Dense Sea Ice”

Your hard-earned, taxpayer money, folks. The mind boggles.

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Arctic sea ice [image credit: BBC/Getty Images]
Arctic sea ice doesn’t undergo natural seasonal melting any more — it ‘dies’, according to the latest climate alarm propaganda. But researchers still need an icebreaker to ‘kill’ a bit more of it in order to study its supposed demise.
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An icebreaker carrying scientists on a year-long international effort to study the high Arctic has returned to its home port in Germany carrying a wealth of data that will help researchers better predict climate change in the decades to come, reports AP News.

The RV Polarstern arrived Monday in the North Sea port of Bremerhaven, from where she set off more than a year ago prepared for bitter cold and polar bear encounters — but not for the pandemic lockdowns that almost scuttled the mission half-way through.

“We basically achieved everything we set out to do,” the expedition’s leader, Markus…

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