GREAT BARRIER REEF : Still Colourful Corals and Curious Fish

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“BLIND trust in authority
is the greatest enemy of the truth.”
– Albert Einstein


AS many of you may have read from twitter, I’ve decided to back-off, temporarily, from the constancy of battle against the Left’s ideological crusade against science and reason, in favour of completing my degree in psychology/counselling. A modality that will, most probably, be in ‘yuge’ demand in the coming years, following the Left’s most recent assault on your freedoms and existence, COVID-19. A mutation of the common coronavirus that just happens to fall in a US election year. A natural mutation that has a survival rate of 99.97% (globally). In my country, Australia, the average age-of-death-by-covid is 83. The average age of mortality in Australia is 82, and yet, in Victoria, we are suffering the most draconian lockdown measures in-the-world. The mind boggles…unless you’re a socialist, of course.

SO, in an effort to soothe our collective wounded COVID souls, at the same time, help soothe the ails of the constant barrage of impetuous climate alarmism, set aside twelve minutes of your precious time to view some of the incredible work done by (GBR-climate-science-hero) Jennifer Marohasy, as she documents, with Emmy Award winning cameraman Clint Hempsall, the pristine, Great Barrier Reef, for all to marvel.

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via Dr Jennifer Marohasy 
Researcher, Writer & Filmmaker

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Many of the media headlines that give the impression the Great Barrier Reef is a ruin are based on aerial surveys by one man.  The same Terry Hughes who incorrectly claimed the inshore reefs off-Bowen are now mud-flat. Paid not by an oil company, but rather the long-suffering Australian taxpayer through generous research grants, he gets to sit in a light aircraft and fly at about 300 metres altitude every few years and determine (by looking out the window) that the corals are badly bleached.  

Hughes is a myth maker.  The Great Barrier Reef is still beautiful. There are still colourful corals and curious fish.  

Earlier this year, I went to the Ribbon reefs with Emmy Award winning cameraman Clint Hempsall in search of death and bleaching. Instead we found so much life as I explain in my second short film, just yesterday uploaded to a new page at the Institute of Public Affairs’ website: 

The short film will only take 12 minutes of your time. The music was all composed by local Noosa guitarist Mungo Coats.   

At the Ribbons, in January, the waters were so warm, the corals so colourful and the fish not at all frightened of me.   In fact, as you will see in the film – a giant cod fish looked me in the eye, and more than once!  He came back to me, again and again.  We swam together.  It was magical. 

For me, the Ribbons at the Great Barrier Reef, are the most special and awe-inspiring place on this planet.   I was so privileged to dive them with Clint Hempsall and so much thanks to Mungo Coats for putting it all to music. 

Thanks for caring.
Dr Jennifer Marohasy 
Researcher, Writer & Filmmaker


What is the true state of the Great Barrier Reef? If you asked most Australians, they’d say the Great Barrier Reef is at risk of imminent collapse from climate change. It was for questioning this claim, and the quality of science behind it, that eventually led to Dr Peter Ridd being sacked from James Cook University.

In January 2020, Emmy Award winning cameraman Clint Hempsall, and IPA Senior Fellow Jennifer Marohasy decided to find out. They spent a week exploring the Ribbon Reefs 250kms to the north east of Cairns in search of coral bleaching – the process of corals turning white as a result of warmer water temperature, which climate scientists say is being caused by climate change. Some argue 60% of the coral at the Ribbon Reefs was irretrievably bleached in 2016.


If there was extensive bleaching back then, Jennifer and Clint couldn’t find much evidence of it in January this year. What they did find was healthy corals, curious clown fish, a giant potato cod, reef sharks, and an underwater cave. Indeed, much of the coral Clint filmed was growing vertically and would thus be invisible to the aerial surveys underpinning the bleaching scare.

The Ribbon Reefs have coral gardens hanging over underwater cliff-faces that drop 2,000 metres to the sea floor – all washed over twice a day by the warm waters of the South Pacific. There are ten such coral reefs in far north Queensland where they grow over the top of the north eastern edge of Australia’s continental shelf.


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3 Comments on “GREAT BARRIER REEF : Still Colourful Corals and Curious Fish”

  1. Yes the Great Barrier Reef is beautiful. It is also a geological newborn because of climate change that humans did not cause. At the Glacial MAXIMUM about 20,000 years ago, sea levels were 401 feet lower than today. What all the global climate activists conveniently omit from their cries of human destruction is that Climate swings wildly and in fact was usually much colder then now over the last 2.7 million years. Barrier Reefs like that off the east coast of Australasia are common throughout the tropical world but in geologic time frames spanning climate change, always migrate up/down-slope as sea levels change.

    The current barrier reef was likely grassy sand dunes 20,000 years ago. Who was fighting to preserve those wetlands as nature took its course? I believe in preserving what we can preserve and when we can preserve it, but the leftest fight to totally control mother nature is more about their nihilist battle with their own mortality than about changing climates. Its why happy people who savor the planet and recognize a higher power in its magnificent parade of life are resigned respectfully with the inevitable cycle that leads to our own mortal decay in due time.

    In 1,000 to 6,000 years the ice will begin to return, the planet dry, deserts expand, forests shrink again, sea levels will drop once more and all the reefs will retreat down-slope to a different place yet again.

    Paleo-climatologists will quickly point out that in the last five recent inter-glacial cycles, the data indicates the current “warm period” is not and had not been even close to as warm as three of the previous four. We are likely closing in on the end of the current one. Long term geophysical scientists and engineers that really want to tackle actual problems, may want to figure out what happens to humanity when THAT real ice-over problem occurs. The problem is we won’t know we are in the next ice age until the decline is several degrees and not bouncing back. Yes climate change is worth thinking about. Humans cooking the planet is NOT one of those problems and never was.

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    • Jamie Spry says:

      “I believe in preserving what we can preserve and when we can preserve it, but the leftest fight to totally control mother nature is more about their nihilist battle with their own mortality than about changing climates. Its why happy people who savor the planet and recognize a higher power in its magnificent parade of life are resigned respectfully with the inevitable cycle that leads to our own mortal decay in due time.”

      Well said.


      • Thank you. I love science and follow its reveled truths. Science is pursuit of knowledge, and of man reaching towards the revealed secrets of (GASP – GOD’s handiwork) through the scientific method. The folded layers of the earth are as much a record of the details as Scriptures are about the reasons. I go where the science takes me on understanding the HOW? I go where the Bible, Book of Mormon and other ancient records that reveal Christ’s purpose to explain the WHY?


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