DISGUSTING : Shame On The @UN For Their Latest #GretaThunberg™️ Stunt

“Action must be powerful and wide-ranging.
After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment.
It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will.
Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it.

We need to dismantle them all.”
–– GretaThunberg™️


CLIMATE scientist and friend Vijay Jayaraj sent me a link to a tweet that resonates to a level beyond disturbing.

WITHOUT asking the United Nations to ‘zip-it’ while billions are going through COVID19 hell, let alone tens of millions of Indian children who cannot even touch or feel an iPad, I’ll leave this with you…

SHAME on you, United Nations. Grow up. Stop using a female child with multiple disorders as a political shield. So wrong. Disgusting.


5 Comments on “DISGUSTING : Shame On The @UN For Their Latest #GretaThunberg™️ Stunt”

  1. Roy Pentland says:

    Utterly disgusting! I agree with you Jamie.

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  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Hi Jamie,
    It’s truly abominable what’s going on in the world right now. Frankly I think these Malthusians can already claim victory. They’ve got us exactly where they wanted us in 2030, 10 years earlier than they hoped. They’ve won.
    I’ve already lost my employment and have no hope of finding more while this global totalitarian socialist police state is in force, for God knows how long. That’s the really scary part: they refuse to tell us how long they intend to keep us under their authoritarian control, although I suspect forever.
    Ironically I lost a long term job in a small (180 MW), but perfectly functional and productive coal fired power station back in 2012 after comrade Gillard’s carbon tax scam, promptly made it impossible for us to trade.
    Myself and about 80 colleagues went straight to Centrelink, some are still dependent on their welfare payments to this day – unable to find new work.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste – especially not a genuine crisis the UN can co-exploit with their ridiculously fake, society destroying climate crisis hoax.
    It’s so depressing and many are already feeling the hopelessness of their situation which obviously, they didn’t want, but were forced into. I think there are going to be ten’s of thousands of suicides in the near future, which of course is exactly one kind of ‘population control’ methods they hope will result.

    You probably already know this guy and have possibly even read this story (plus many more on his site), but in case you haven’t, I thought you might be interested in this:


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    • Jamie Spry says:

      Thanks for your words, Alan. Sorry to hear of your situation. Here for you anytime if you need a chat. Thanks for link. Will check it out. Stay in touch. Jamie.

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      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Thanks Jamie. I know you won’t ridicule me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ like most of our gullible and naive fellows do. I feel like I’m living in a nightmare!
        Really tired of this and even more tired of the stupidity of people who should know better; who even now, in the midst of this lockdown, seriously disrupting their lives and literally ruining many (with no end in sight), simply refuse to see the huge RED elephant in the room!
        They still believe it’s about a virus (and either don’t know, or forget that we’ve survived far worse pandemics, including ones with no cure or vaccines, in the past, but without the need for any of these Draconian controls on our lives).
        They don’t think it’s at least very ‘suspect’ and should be asking some pertinent questions, such as what in Hell is really going here on Mr Morrison? We need to know what the real reason is for your being instrumental in destroying our economy and our entire society which took us and our ancestors over 4000 years to create. But they just trust these lying traitors and continue on as normal, swallowing lie after lie, after lie.
        Surely it cannot continue for much longer. One would surely hope not anyway.

        Did you see Andrew Bolt on his Bolt Report TV show on Monday night, interviewing Health Minister Greg Hunt? He pressed him at least 3 times to answer his question, ‘What metric is the government using to determine when it will be safe to start relaxing the devastating restrictions and controls on our basic freedoms’?
        In typical shonky politician style he waffled on with whole raft of irrelevant, ‘look over there’ deflections, but refused to even offer a hint as to what criteria they would use to plan an exit strategy from this Socialist run police state.
        If anyone who saw that interview isn’t at least a little suspicious of a hidden agenda at play, they would probably believe there really is an Easter bunny or tooth fairy, or that windmills and solar panels can power our society the same as coal, gas and nuclear do at present.
        Unfortunately of course, there are too many ignorant, dumbed-down people among us who do believe the latter is plausible, which might also explain the disturbing lack of awareness and general complacency about this unacceptable state of affairs we’re seeing now, which is destined only to rapidly descend into a much worse economical, social and real health crisis.
        It’s going to get very ugly and soon.


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