CORONAVIRUS Infographics

THESE charts certainly help to put things in context. Perspectives that are needed when hysteria — healthy or otherwise — threatens to eviscerate the global economy, causing far more damage than COVID ever could.

*Immediate disclaimer: saying something is a panic is not denying, minimising, or ignoring it. (Jamie)

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Science Matters

H/T Vaughn Pratt for pointing to this graphic providing context for the current pandemic.

For each COVID-19 death per average day, 215 people die of worse diseases as measured by average daily death rate.

This is the 9th graphic in the Covid 19 Coronavirus Infographic Datapackat Information is Beautiful.

The final graphic is this one:


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2 Comments on “CORONAVIRUS Infographics”

  1. Carl Murray says:

    The cessation of socializing may be just the thing to stop the spread of COVID-19. I suspect the economy will rapidly rebound as long as all the little pieces remain in place.


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