DIPOLE Down Under


“YOU and everybody else on earth can guess what climate alarmists blamed for both: man-made global warming, a.k.a. climate change.

But record cold in northern India at the same time didn’t make headlines in any major media in the United States or the United Kingdom…”

CLIMATE scientist, Vijay Jayaraj separates ‘climate change’ hysteria from actual science, explaining a major climatic factor contributing to Australia’s costly bushfire season…

Science Matters

Vijay Jayaraj explains how weather is created around the Indian Ocean in this article Record Heat and Cold Expose Climate Alarmists’ Bias. Excerpts in italics with my bolds and images.

Australia was literally on fire in December. Record heat made headlines in global media. So did the extreme rainfall in east Africa.

You and everybody else on earth can guess what climate alarmists blamed for both: man-made global warming, a.k.a. climate change.

But record cold in northern India at the same time didn’t make headlines in any major media in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Why? Because it didn’t fit expectations.

It’s a perfect example of climate alarmists’ obvious bias that’s seldom brought to light.

In December, east Africa received extremely heavy rainfall, causing widespread floods in Kenya and Djibouti. The floods impacted more than one million people and killed scores already challenged by extreme poverty.

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4 Comments on “DIPOLE Down Under”

  1. Ken says:

    Eastern Australia is in drought and yes hundreds of fires, and the media, including their usual alarmist type sources spent the whole month bleating “climate change”, those news reports never detailed how the fires started. Some small articles trickled out separately on people being charged with arson, the latest number being around 180, with dozens of investigations ongoing.
    The record temperatures were ‘average’ daily temperatures, which I believe are an artifact of the BOMs homogenisation of the country’s past data. The vast unihabited inland areas still have few weather stations and the temperatures MUST be estimated, there is little to no historical raw data. Maps containing dark red and purple areas (heat into the high 40s) across the country cannot originate from weather stations that do not exist. The oldest data from the 1800s is now being ignored and it held some of the highest temps ever recorded across the country, exceeding 50c. Only because stevenson screens were not used at all sites. That is also the period of the federarion drought by far the worst of them all. Australias official record now starts at 1910. With the hottest era now removed from the data set, its very easy to come up with new records especially when its an imaginary ‘average’ for the entire country on a given day.

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    • Jamie Spry says:

      WITH 1910 being “NASA’s” coldest period in the 20th Century. Convenient start point by BoM.


    • Bemused Bill says:

      Correct, and would add that Sydney’s hottest ever officially recorded day was in 1790. A thermometer was borrowed from a passing ship and several scientists set up and witnessed the measurement, because they didn’t want the finding to be ignored by future generations as un-scientific. Now there’s some foresight, sadly lacking in todays climate hysterics…they don’t actually even have a decent past-sight filter.
      Sydney was colloquially known then as “the brick pit” as blazing Nor Westers blew smoke from the very many fires lit by the Aborigines and red topsoil from parched and fire depleted soils out across the sea so that when Cook was sailing around NZ he definitely knew there was a land mass to the west, and that something terribly wrong was happening there.
      Locals at the time said that the previous two years had been a lot worse and that the day the measurement was taken was not a particularly bad day by recent standards…but had no official records to show it although people with thermometers all said the same thing.
      The retarded children who run our institutions now don’t have a fucking clue about anything, and react to a bad news story like a baby to ice cream…to borrow a line from Yes Minister, they “have so much wool in there ears, its child’s play to pull it over there eyes.”
      We are being told that last year is a record hot year…see above excellent comment for how they managed to homogenize that bullshit…here is a site we sailors, kiteboarders etc use for the following week https://www.seabreeze.com.au/weather/wind-forecast/sydney would you call this Sydney the “Brick Pit?” Not unless you were a hysterical drone of the uber left you wouldn’t.

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