GREENLAND Ice Sheet : The Facts Vs The Myths

SIFTING out the Climate Change hysteria from the Greenland ice-sheet in another informative, fact-piece via Paul Homewood…

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By Paul Homewood


I came across the Statista website a while ago, as it had some useful graphics at the time, so I am now on their email address list. Each day they send a couple of random charts, with the hope I might subscribe!

They certainly seem a reliable outfit and offer a wide variety of stats, but today I received this from them:


For a company that prides itself in infographics, this disingenuous example is shocking.

The webpage it links to is little better:



The whole thing revolves around taking a handful of impressively big-sounding numbers out of context, then extrapolating them using dodgy assumptions.

The claim “enough water to cover Florida in five inches of water” is particularly fatuous, as it assumes that all of the extra water goes there!

I may not have a fancy art qualification to replicate their info…

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