CLIMATISM : 2019 State Of The Climate Report

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CLIMATISM – 2019 State Of The Climate Report

CONTRARY to popular thinking and clever marketing, there is no “consensus” on the theory of dangerous man-made climate change. Too many variables exist within the climate system to allow for certainty of future scenarios.

THIS doesn’t deter the $2,000,000,000,000 US per year (2 Trillion) Climate Crisis Industry who manufacture catastrophic climate scenarios (pushed far enough into the distant future as to not be held accountable) with a guarantee of climate calamity unless their utopian ‘green’ dreams are realised.

BUOYED by their recent House Congress win in the 2018 mid-term elections, the hard-Left of the American Democrat party, led by pinup-socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have doubled-down on their pet global warming theory, proposing the radically-dystopian climate agenda, a Green New Deal.

ACCORDING to PJMedia, the Green New Deal will cost approximately $49.109 Trillion in the first ten years, enough to fund Trump’s border wall 8,616 times over.

FOR all the economic pain and social upheaval that inevitably ensues when draconian climate policy is enacted, it is only fair and reasonable for the taxpayer to ask one simple question about a climate which demands so much of their hard-earned money – “what is broken?”.

THE best way to answer this is to look at the current state of a set of common environmental metrics and analyse their relationship with carbon dioxide – the colourless, odourless, tasteless trace gas at the centre of the supposed “climate crisis”.


  • EXTREME WEATHER (Heatwaves, Cyclones, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Drought, Floods)
  • SNOW

IN the interests of “cherry-picking”, there are a myriad of environmental metrics that make up the climate system. The examples cited for the purpose of this report are the more common associations picked up by the press and interest groups to facilitate climate change discussion and ‘debate’.

*THE empirical evidence featured in this post is taken from the latest data supplied by government scientific agencies and peer-reviewed studies. Hyper and direct links supplied per sample.




ARCTIC SEA-ICE EXTENT (September 2018)

MINIMUM sea-ice extent has been trending up over the past decade. The EXACT opposite of what the press and ‘97% experts’ have been telling you :



ARCTIC sea-ice extent is very close to the 1981-2010 median:

ARCTIC sea-ice extent is essentially unchanged since January 2006:



THE area of the Arctic covered with thick sea ice has greatly expanded over the past eleven years:

SO far this month, ice volume gain has seen a record high:


Jan Arctic Sea-Ice Volume gain historic

AND January 9 Arctic sea ice volume has been increasing for over a decade:

*Support data Via Real Climate Science

MINIMUM sea-ice volume has been rising since 2007:


@KiryeNet キリエ on Twitter : “The Arctic has been refreezing for 12 years…minimum sea ice volume has been rising since 2007”



ARCTIC temperatures correlate almost perfectly with ocean circulation cycles, and show no correlation with atmospheric CO2 levels.


Reykjavik, Iceland Temperatures Vs. The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation



CLIMATE ‘experts’ describe these record large increases in ice as an unprecedented meltdown:


“Arctic meltdown” search

SEE also : CLIMATE DUD-PREDICTIONS : ‘Ice-Free’ Arctic Prophesies By The ‘97% Consensus’ And Compliant Mainstream Media | Climatism


MORE on Arctic Sea-Ice Expansion :



THE South Pole has been a thorn in the side for warming alarmists with the giant ice continent gaining mass and cooling for decades. This despite a 20 per cent increase in atmospheric CO2, and model predictions to the contrary.




2017 STUDY



THANKS to the Journal of Climate by Josefino Comiso et al, we now know what’s driving the increase in Antarctic sea-ice. It’s – wait for it – cooling temperatures over the ocean surrounding Antarctica…


Positive Trend in the Antarctic Sea Ice Cover and Associated Changes in Surface Temperature: Journal of Climate: Vol 30, No 6



DURING 2016 there was substantial sea-ice loss which still reflects on the record and has become a popular talking point for warmists aiming to discredit the Antarctic with its stable and ‘inconvenient’ ice growth over many decades.

after increasing slightly in recent decades, the sea ice extent around antarctica plummeted in 2016. credit malte stuecker:university of washington

After increasing slightly in recent decades, the sea ice extent around Antarctica plummeted in 2016. CREDIT Malte Stuecker/University of Washington


HOWEVER, sound ‘science’ confirmed this was due, not to human-induced “climate change” but thanks to a ‘perfect storm’ of tropical, polar conditions’ :

“This was a really rare combination of events, something that we have never seen before in the observations,” Stuecker said.

SEE more : Record-low 2016 Antarctic sea ice was due to a ‘perfect storm’ of tropical, polar conditions – not ‘climate change’ | Watts Up With That?



ANTARCTICA monthly sea-ice extent is very close to the 1981-2010 median:

ANTARCTICA daily sea-ice extent, close to the 1981-2010 median:

THESE charts at odds with NSIDC SH anomaly 1978-2018… (There has been some massive ice growth since I last checked the “blue marble” charts. Both are now back to the 1981-2010 median!?)

C/w …



APRIL 2018 : BBC was reporting on a big increase in Antarctic snowfall with “The effect of the extra snow locked up in Antarctica is to slightly slow a general trend in global sea-level rise.”


MAY 2018



ANOTHER unique way of knowing that the Antarctic ice mass is growing significantly, year in, year out, is by the structural design of the Amundson-Scott South Pole Station:

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.24.05 pm.png

Amundson-Scott South Pole Station

THIS is the third station built at this site. The other two have been buried by snow! (see black dome of previous station now partially buried, top right of pic)

FOR the last several decades, Antarctica has been accumulating about 8 inches of snow every year and as temps never get above freezing, the snow never melts!

THE new building comprises 7 modular buildings that sit on stilts. Every year they jack up the buildings over the accumulating snow to prolong the life if the station:

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.28.05 pm.png

Stilts on each of the 7 modulars


THE South Pole represents 90% of the earth’s ice, and it’s getting thicker. A problem for climate alarmists and their contradictory UN climate models.



ANY sign of ‘warming’ at the inconvenient South Pole sends the climate-theory-obsessed mainstream media into a collective meltdown.

A recent and ongoing example being the discovery of melt occurring along the Western Antarctic ice shelf caused by recently discovered undersea volcanoes, not by evil mankind’s gasses:


  • West Antarctic ice sheet collapse ‘unstoppable’ [ABC]
  • Irreversible Changes Now Affect Antarctica and the World [Live-science]
  • ‘Nothing can stop retreat’ of West Antarctic glaciers [BBC, By Jonathan Amos]
  • West Antarctic ice collapse ‘could drown Middle East and Asia crops’ [The Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg]
  • Antarctica’s ice collapse threatens metres of sea level rise within decades [The Ecologist]
  • Global warming: it’s a point of no return in West Antarctica. [The Guardian Eric Rignot]


MORE on Antarctica :





EXTREME WEATHER, the Climate Crisis Industries most revered weapon of mass hysteria has been scuttled, once again, by their very own authority, the UN IPCC! The latest report – SR15 – released in October 2018 by the UN’s holiest ‘science’ body finding, yet again, that there is “little basis or evidence” for claiming that heatwaves, drought, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes have increased due to greenhouse gas emissions!

BUT, alas! Just as the “low confidence” extreme weather findings from the last SREX report (IPCC AR5 2013) were/are conveniently dismissed by the mainstream media and climate crusaders, so too will the latest ‘inconvenient’ findings from the SR15 ‘Special Report’.

WE know this to be true because the mainstream media and virtue-signalling politicians still manage to blame man-made ‘Climate Change’ for every weather climate event – exceptional or tepid.

IPCC AR5 / SREX (2013) :



ACCORDING to the EPA, the low-CO2 1930s had (by far) the worst heatwaves in US history:



AUSTRALIAN tropical cyclones are declining in both intensity and frequency as CO2 rises:

SEE more :



GLOBAL Tropical Cyclone frequency and energy is declining as CO2 increases.


“Numerous studies towards and beyond AR5 have reported a decreasing trend
in the global number of tropical cyclones and/or the globally accumulated cyclonic energy” – UN IPCC SR15 (2018)

“There is only low confidence regarding changes in global tropical cyclone numbers under global warming over the last four decades.” – UN IPCC SR15 (2018)



GLOBAL Hurricanes are declining in frequency as CO2 increases:


Florida Major Hurricane Strikes: Still No Trend

October 11th, 2018 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.


I also included Michael in the count of ALL U.S. landfalling major hurricanes, again from NHC data. The marked downward trend since the 1930s, 40s, and 50s is quite evident:

Where is the news story about THAT?

More crickets.

Florida Major Hurricane Strikes: Still No Trend « Roy Spencer, PhD



2018 was one of the least active US tornado years on record, despite record and rising CO2 emissions.

AS of October, a new record low tornado count was set. The cumulative total for 2018 is 759; the previous lowest number of tornadoes for this date was 761. The SPC has records extending back 65 years.

This lack of tornadic storms in recent years should also correlate with lesser severe thunderstorm activity in general in the U.S., since the conditions which produce large hail and damaging winds are generally the same as are required for tornadoes (strong instability, plentiful moisture, and wind shear). – Roy Spencer PhD

Note: The US represents about 75 percent of the world’s recorded tornadoes.

NB// IPCC SR15 “Extreme Weather” report made no mention of Tornadoes.



GLOBAL weather disasters/losses as a percentage of global GDP are declining as carbon dioxide emissions rise.

THROUGH 7 months of 2018 weather disasters as % GDP were on record (low) pace…

NB// Data does not include the two big CAT4’s that struck the US in 2018 – Florence (Sep) and Michael (Oct).



UN IPCC : “Low confidence in the sign of drought trends since 1950 at global scale…likely to be trends in some regions of the world, including increases in drought in the Mediterranean and W Africa & decreases in droughts in central N America & NW Australia” – UN IPCC SR15 (2018)





IN 1934, when CO2 was at ‘safe’ levels, severe to extreme drought covered around 80% of the entire U.S. Such conditions endured for most of the decade known as the “Dust Bowl” era:



CURRENT U.S. drought conditions under Donald Trump’s reign of climate “denial” terror:



SEE more drought : 



UN IPCC : “There is low confidence due to limited evidence, however, that anthropogenic climate change has affected the frequency and the magnitude of floods.” – UN IPCC SR15 (2018)


WHEN CO2 was at “safe” levels, a flood in China killed 2,000,000 – 4,000,000 and left 50,000,000 homeless:







THE Deadliest 15 Floods In History Occurred With CO2 Below 350 PPM:




24/7/365 News Cycle

IMPORTANT to note that while the sampling rate of “extreme weather” events has increased dramatically in recent years as a direct result of the 24-hour news cycle, social media and multimedia including smart phones, the frequency and intensity of such events, according to hard data, has not increased!

THAT is to say that the mainstream media’s appetite for weather-porn has increased, in its quest to push the global warming climate change narrative, as has the ability for the general public to capture extreme weather events due to everyone having a smart phone as well the myriad of CCTV recording devices on every street corner and webcam streaming services dotted across the globe. Couple that with the ability of social media and the internet to disseminate EW events in high-res anywhere, anytime and you have your 24/7/365 “extreme weather” disaster movie!

EXTREME WEATHER visuals that were sparsely available on TV 10-20 years ago, are now accessible 24/7/365 via your flatscreen, internet and social media.

A Typhoon in the Philippines appears ten-times-worse today, than one 20 years ago – before wall-to-wall coverage across multiple platforms existed.

SO, there is a false and manufactured perception that EW events are increasing, when in fact, going by multiple lines of evidence across nearly every metric, EW events are declining in both frequency and intensity as CO2 and temps rise! The exact opposite of what we are told to believe and what we actually see for ourselves via the repeated bombardment of EW events on aforementioned media.

A smart cookie could write an entire PhD Thesis on this really important topic. In my opinion, increased EW sampling has been a key driver in stoking the public’s fear, alarmism and potential ‘belief’ in the scandalous theory of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW).




SEAS have risen 400 feet or 120,000mm since the end of the last Ice Age, around 20,000 years ago.



WHAT is pertinent to the sea-level rise debate is whether SLR is accelerating due to human CO2 emissions.

Dr Judith Curry…

Sea level has been rising for the last ten thousand years, since the last Ice Age…the question is whether sea level rise is accelerating owing to human caused emissions.  It doesn’t look like there is any great acceleration, so far, of sea level rise associated with human warming.  These predictions of alarming sea level rise depend on massive melting of the big continental glaciers — Greenland and Antarctica.  The Antarctic ice sheet is actually growing.  Greenland shows large multi-decadal variability. ….  There is no evidence so far that humans are increasing sea level rise in any kind of a worrying way.” — Dr. Judith Curry, video interview published 9 August 2017

“Observed sea level rise over the last century has averaged about 8 inches, although local values may be substantially more or less based on local vertical land motion, land use, regional ocean circulations and tidal variations.

(Climatism bolds)

Sea level rise acceleration (or not): Projections for the 21st century | Climate Etc.


ACCORDING to “the science” there has been no stat-sig or relevant acceleration of sea-level rise since industrialisation:


SOMETHING other than carbon dioxide caused seas to rise, at the current steady rate, around 1790:

(NB// 85% of man-made CO2 was emitted after 1945.)


NO ‘acceleration’ in sea-level rise/fall exists in any of the tide gauge records:

Relative Sea Level Trend
680-140 Sydney, Fort Denison 1 & 2, Australia

Relative Sea Level Trend
The Battery, New York

Mean Sea Level Trend
050-141 Stockholm, Sweden



REMEMBER those “sinking” Pacific Island nations…

THE climate-theory-obsessed mainstream media has gleefully pawned the emotional link between climate change and ‘sinking’ tropical islands to push their man-made global warming agenda:

“The tiny pacific island nation of Tuvalu looks set to become a victim of global warming, with the entire country predicted to be washed away in 50 years.” (BBC 2002)

TUVALU’s plight even formed part of the basis for arguably the most hysterical fake news claim in the history of climate alarmism: the UN’s prediction that by the end of 2010, climate change would have created50 million environmental refugees”!

CLIMATISM, along with many in the climate ‘septic/realist’ community have been citing actual scientific data and empirical observations that have consistently contradicted the hysterical claims of “drowning island nations” pushed by the mainstream media and the UN to drive the notion of catastrophic man-made global warming.

EFFORTS recently vindicated through a rare admission by Australia’s AGW-obsessed government broadcaster – the ABC:


NZ research shows Island atolls are growing  or “shape-shifting”, not shrinking or “sinking”:

“Results show that 86% of islands remained stable (43%) or increased in area (43%) over the timeframe of analysis…” (Webb et al.)

MORE on “growing” island atolls >> CLIMATE “Deniers” Were Right – Island Nation Growing, Not ‘Sinking’ With Sea Level Rise! | Climatism


MORE on Sea Levels :




NO other climate prediction has been so visibly and fraudulently fouled than that of snowfall!

“97%” of all scientific institutions, in concert with the global warming theory-obsessed mainstream media were predicting the end of snow:

❄️ SNOW will become “A very rare and exciting event. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”Dr. Viner, Uni East Anglia, CRU (2000)

❄️ “Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms” IPCC (2001)

❄️ “Resorts could lose 1/4 of snow in 15 years”CSIRO (2003)

❄️ “Alps Under Threat” The AGE (2005)

❄️ “End of Snow?” NYTimes (2014)


2019 : Reality bites, again…


NORTH AMERICA Record Snowfall :


JAPAN 2017/18 Record Snowfall :






IT’S Been A Bad Winter All Over – Snow In Japan 56 Feet High! | Climatism


MUST SEE Tony Heller video for a deeper dive into the new era of climate ‘science’ where “That snow outside is what global warming looks like” – George Monbiot | The Guardian:




WITH plenty of winter to go in the NH, this stat is quite remarkable…

“93% of the NH above 45°N is ice/Snow covered”@dbirch214



“Interestingly, some scientists have stated that increasing snow is consistent with climate change because warmer air holds more moisture, more water vapor and this can result in more storms with heavy precipitation. The trick, of course, is having sufficient cold air to produce that snow. But note that 93% of the years with more than 60″ of snow in Boston were colder than average years. The reality is cooling, not warming, increases snowfall.” – Veteran Meteorologist Barry Burbank 


MORE on Snow :




NO other icon of ‘Global Warming’ epitomises its very own false narrative like the polar bear does for ‘Climate Change’.

WITH deadly irony, polar bear numbers have grown dramatically as carbon dioxide emissions have risen in lock-step. A CO2 correlation, at last!

INDIGENOUS Inuit’s of Northern Canada are now facing the very real task of having to cull the population as “the polar bear may have exceeded the co-existence threshold.”


“Inuit believe there are now so many bears that public safety has become a major concern,”

“Public safety concerns, combined with the effects of polar bears on other species, suggest that in many Nunavut communities, the polar bear may have exceeded the co-existence threshold.”

Nunavut’s polar bear population is unsafe, government document says – The Globe and Mail



screen shot 2019-01-19 at 4.26.11 am

Polar Bear Population (1981 – 2015)


MORE on Polar Bears :



US wildfires were much worse during the first half of the 20th Century when CO2 was at “safe” levels :



Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 2.47.06 am0A89BCF0-BE0F-4295-8451-8EDB11D47450

SEE : GLOBAL Wildfire Area Has Declined, Contrary To Popular Myth | Climatism



“THE world has more natural carbon dioxide absorbers in the shape of trees than was thought, to the tune of an extra 2.2 million kilometers² relative to 1982.”Roger Tallbloke

“78 per cent of observed planetary greening is caused by carbon dioxide and its effect upon climate….” Patrick J. Michaels

“A new survey using high-definition satellite images has found 378 million additional hectares of forest around the globe—it’s as if all of Earth’s forests just grew by 9%.”American Elephants


DON’T expect the CO2-centric mainstream media to report on the numerous studies of dramatic “greening” of the planet thanks to CO2 fertilisation. When you’re in the business of demonising carbon dioxide for political and ideological ends, such good news comes as a rather unwelcome message!




“A quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change on April 25.” – NASA


MORE on Global Greening :




CLIMATE Propagandists Have Been Using The Same Apocalyptic Language For Decades – Irrespective of Temperature – To Drive Their Agenda And Scare You Into Belief | Climatism


BARACK OBAMA 2017 : “Our changing climate is already making it more difficult to produce food…”

REALITY 2018 : Famine Forecasts Foiled – Climate Increasing Global Food Production.


AS with all climate scare-mongering driven by emotion, ideology, politics and/or climate models, the rhetoric and fear-mongering never seems to stack up against observed reality or actual facts. Global food production another classic case in point…

WHAT’S really going on with your food via Ron Clutz’ Science Matters :

Famine Forecasts Foiled: Climate Increasing Food Production


Gregory Whitestone has the story at CNS Famine Forecasts Foiled: Climate’s Projected Food Production to Increase

The latest dose of “fake news” about global warming comes from two forecasts of faminedue to human activity. Both drew on estimates of extremely high temperatures predicted by the same flawed climate models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to predict other climate calamities. The climate models used in the studies are estimated tooverpredict temperature by 2.5 to 3 times as compared to actually measured temperatures, and both rely on the highest estimates of maximum temperature increase.

The first of the reports warned that future production of vegetables and legumes would decrease by more than 30 percent with an expected rise of 4C. Even the alarmist IPCC says that the most likely case is a rise of about half that.

The primary reason for the prediction of famine is a sharp decrease in wateravailability, even though recent reports indicate that previously arid portions of the Earth are experiencing a significant net increase in soil moisture due to a combination of increasing precipitation and CO2 fertilization — both effects of our changing climate.

Buried in the report is an admission that contradicts the hysteria engendered by the headlines. According to the authors, a 250-ppm increase in CO2, without the exaggerated temperature increase, would boost crop production by an average of 22 percent! That’s correct, more food as a result of increasing CO2.


Fortunately, despite a continuing rise in temperatures, the world and America have set new corn records on an annual basis. The world’s remarkable ability to increase food production year after year is attributable to mechanization, agricultural innovation, CO2 fertilization and warmer weather. World grain production figures show that crop and food production has steadily increased, with only positive effects from our changing climate.


FULL report >>> SEE more : CLIMATE Propagandists Have Been Using The Same Apocalyptic Language For Decades – Irrespective of Temperature – To Drive Their Agenda And Scare You Into Belief | Climatism


2016 saw record grain yields globally, despite the super El Niño that warmists claimed would destroy crops:


OBAMA also claimed of “spiking food prices” in his 2017 Guardian Op-ed.

WRONG again…


CROP yields have been rising steadily since 1960, according to the UN’s own data…


NO, global warming climate change is not causing starvation. Just another fake scare.


MORE on Food : 





ATMOSPHERIC global temperatures simply have not been rising in accordance with UN IPCC climate models. 102 computer-driven predictions that fail to observe reality, yet underpin the entire $2,000,000,000,000 US (2 Trillion) per year global warming climate change scare.

The data doesn’t matter. We’re not basing our recommendations
on the data. We’re basing them on the climate models
– Prof. Chris Folland,
Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research

The models are convenient fictions
that provide something very useful
– Dr David Frame,
Climate modeler, Oxford University

FAILED U.N. CMIP5 Climate Models :



NASA’s 15 MSU and AMSU satellites generate the RSS and UAH datasets, which measure the average temperature of every cubic inch of the lower troposphere, the exact place where global warming climate change theory is meant to occur.

GLOBAL atmospheric temperatures continue their rapid decline off the record heights of the 2015/16 super El Niño, despite record and rising CO2 emissions.

UAH global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for December, 2018 was +0.25°C above the 40-year average:



BETWEEN the start of 1997 and the end of 2014, average global surface temperature stalled. This 18-year period is known as the global warming “pause” or “hiatus” and has been the subject of much research and debate in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

THE rise in global temperatures that alarmed climate campaigners in the 1990’s had slowed so much that the trend was no longer statistically significant. This despite one-third of Man’s entire influence on climate since the Industrial Revolution occurring since February 1997.

THE pause took a pause during the 2015/16 super El Niño which was the strongest such event in recorded history and helped to make 2015 and 2016 the warmest years in the modern warm period. However, 2017 witnessed the biggest drop in global temps in recorded history, seen across most data sets, bringing temps back inline with 1997-2014 averages, rendering “the pause” alive and well, to date... (read on)






FULL “Pause” report >>> THE Great Global Warming “Pause” | Climatism



THE PAUSE” in global warming is now in its 20th year.

NO global warming trend for two decades despite a 1/3rd of ALL human influence since 1750 occurring over the past 20 years!

SMART move changing the name from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”.

Via The Climate Guy:

The long-term linear temperature trend since January 1979 remains at +0.13°C per decade, but there is a trend of +/-0.01°C for the past 20 years; since 1998.


MORE on Global Temps :



NOT a single common climate metric is being negatively affected by the rise in essential trace gas carbon dioxide.

IN fact, by every measure, the environment is ‘improving’ as CO2 rises. 

BEFORE we commit more taxpayer billions to the trillion dollar per year Climate Crisis Industry, we should look at what empirical evidence and hard data is telling us, not what ideology or politics demands.

THOSE who are willing to question conventional wisdom, alarmist predictions and rhetorical climate dogma must be listened to and not shut out of essential debate. They should be not so easily dismissed as “anti-science deniers” or members of the “flat-earth” society. This is the stuff of medieval times and the Salem witch hunts, not the hallmarks of a modern, free-thinking, functional and peaceful society.

WITH so much money and resources available to the Climate Crisis Industry, largely immune to oversight, the repercussions of intimidation and isolation to those with dissenting views comes at a huge cost to the taxpayer, and to the scientific method. We all lose when dogma and ‘democracy’ become the arbiters of ‘science’.

AND, we all lose when fear and alarmism leads us to blindly spend trillions of public money on fake fixes to a fake scam like the multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal. A ‘deal’ that does nothing to “Save The Planet”, change the temperature of the globe or stop bad weather. Rather, GND drives a globalist agenda designed to radically transform cultural, economic and political structures across the globe.

LASTLY, UN IPCC climate models are not evidence of CO2-induced climate change! Not withstanding they are scandalously overheated by about 0.8°C above current observed temperatures – the same temperature rise since 1880 that the entire “Global Warming” scare is based on! :

EVERY future climate catastrophe and related study, from threats to the coffee industry to bizarre studies like ‘Global Warming Will Likely Cause A Noticeable Shift In Our Appearance | NBC News’, are based entirely on the assumptions made from UN CMIP5 predictive climate models, not observed reality.

THESE 102 UN IPCC climate models drive not only the billions consumed by enormous government climate bureaucracies and lucrative grants and funding, but also give licence to the extreme climate alarmism that the mainstream media bombards you with 24/7/365.

THIS is not ‘science’, it is crystal-ball zealotry and opportunism run amok. And, YOU are paying the piper!


SEE also :

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  4. Alexander says:

    Whilst you’ve clearly gone to great effort collecting all this evidence, your argument would be much more compelling if you engaged critically with the mainsteam research rather than mostly creating strawman arguments from media stories and out of date research that you then topple with a flourish.

    What is your take on the argument that no Homo Sapien has ever lived on an earth with over 450ppm of CO2? Does this not concern you?

    What about coral reefs and ocean acidification? Do you have a tested hypothesis for that that isn’t excessive CO2 in the water?

    I notice blogs like this used to make a great thing about the anomalous ’90s where global surface temperatures were flat-lining or falling slightly. What do make of the current very alarming trend upwards in global surface temperatures? As it is the single key metric of AGW science it is a shame it isn’t addressed here (assumedly because it contradicts your argument?) The last decade has seen the really astonishing record breaking new high temperatures – including accounting for seasonal variation like El Nino. How do you explain these?

    Most importantly, your arguments would make a stronger impact if they considered other variables in the same way the peer-reviewed climate research does.

    Take, for example, sea ice levels. they would be expected to stay roughly the same as land ice decreases – falling into the sea – but due to warmer surface temperatures more sea ice melts. That’s the whole first section of your post debunked.

    Or wild fires. I think it’s very reasonable to assume that we are much better at controlling fire and forests than in history – for one a lot less people smoke now, and more people live in wooded areas so will spot fires early and brigades will be nearby to stop them escalating. When the earth was more sparsely populated, you’d expect wildfires to ravage – that’s nature.

    The greening has been debunked already, because that was just one study that used satellite data to literally measure the colour green over the planet. Problem is, all the increase was at the higher latitudes (thanks to falling temperatures and permafrost melting there) and coniferous trees don’t process much CO2 compared to large leafed rainforest trees at the equator that are in massive decline.

    Polar bear is both fake news – the 5000 number in 1960 was just a random Russian’s report to his boss – and the present ‘rise’ is entirely expected. As polar habitats are lost to warming, the bears venture south in desperation and create conflict with local humans. It looks like there’s more bears because we’re getting a lot more contact and can measure them more now. Before they lived in the North Pole where we had no clear idea how many there were.

    Your stuff on floods is total bunkum and that’s a shame, I’m sure there’s better evidence against AGW there. In short – your list of top10 floods is a list of ‘these rivers or coastlines once weren’t properly controlled, and now those nations developed and they are’. I’ve lived on both major rivers in China and talked with locals there. The lack of flooding is because the government finally had the tech and money to control them. There’s two on that list from the Netherlands in the 1200s. Go and read some Dutch history to understand why that was (hint, over 50% of the current Dutch landmass was once in the sea for all or most of the year)

    It is one thing to counter some existing fake news with an opposite fake news of your own. It is quite a different matter to actually review the bulk of the published research and launch an evidence-based coherent argument against the mainstream scientific view based on an equal weight of evidence – not one or two studies that were unable to be reproduced, but a serious corpus of hypothesis tested.

    Oh and the American bias is unexpected but also not all that useful. North America definitely seems to be showing a lot of anomalous behaviour in the past few decades (except of course Florida, Louisiana which are spending billions trying to hold back the rising sea levels, or abandoning miles and miles along the coast and relocating people inland). Go to China and tell them AGW isn’t happening, they’ll laugh in your face as they double down on their green investment.

    Hmm long comment, hope it helps your blog 🙂


  5. afc999 says:

    Thank you, Jamie … great collection of evidence. Seems to me that in the end the only way to deal with you’re-wrong-because-I-don’t-agree-with-you (and I never will no matter what you might show me) Alexanders is having them predict from the models they are so proud of some actual numbers that will for sure occur in say 5 years and have them put down some wildly fabulous $$$ bets on them that would have to be paid. That way at least you’d be making money from having to deal with them.

    How many times has the world ended now since AGW first was foisted on the mainly unsuspecting world by those trying to destroy all functioning economies? What kind of money did those making those baseless idiotic predictions lose? Probably none…and probably were paid very well for them. What a shame. I think “put up or shut up” is as close to an honest scientific debate we’d ever get close to having with these self-proclaimed gurus, seeing that this has NOTHING to do with real science on their part.


    • Brian W. Allan says:

      The sad thing about all of this is the fact climatologists get paid regardless of whether they’re right or wrong. They just adjust the data analysis to get the results that best suit the current agenda. The old saying, “Statistics don’t lie BUT liars use statistics!” still very much applies.

      Liked by 1 person

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