PARADISE California Hasn’t Been Experiencing A Drought

“News Flash, climate change and drought would THIN OUT FORESTS. Jerry Brown admits that the forests are overly dense. How do you get overly dense forests in a drought? Climate change didn’t cause all the tightly packed homes to be built in the forests.”

WAY too much common sense and logic for the climate ambulance chaser brigade!

One Comment on “PARADISE California Hasn’t Been Experiencing A Drought”

  1. Jeff says:

    WRONG !! People are going to die as a result of the waste, stupidity and ignorance involved in the desire to reduce that essential, life giving gas CO2.

    CO2 comprises only 1/25th of one percent of the atmosphere ,

    The basic facts are being carefully hidden from the public.

    Very few people know what it is ,that man is doing that is being blamed for the warming.

    Just ask a few people; you`ll soon find out how little they know.

    The media have a lot to answer for .

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