SORRY ALARMISTS : The IPCC Once Again Reports Extreme Weather Events Have Not Increased


“The IPCC once again reports that there is little basis for claiming that drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes have increased, much less increased due to greenhouse gases.” – University of Colorado professor Roger Pielke, Jr

“Warming fears are the worst scientific scandal in the history. When people come to 
know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC 
Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itohan award-winning PhD environmental physical

“I am no longer reading this garbage” – “Similar claims are on par with the spam about penis enlargement” – Former Harvard U. Physicist, Luboš Motl rejects new UN IPCC Report


EXTREME WEATHER, the Climate Crisis Industries favoured weapon of mass hysteria has been scuttled, once again, by their very own authority, the UN IPCC!

THE latest report finding that there is “little basis or evidence” for claiming that drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes have increased due to greenhouse gases.

BUT, alas! Just as the extreme weather findings from last IPCC report – AR5 (2013) – were conveniently dismissed by the mainstream media and climate crusaders, so too will the latest ‘inconvenient’ findings from the SR15 ‘Special Report’.

FROM Chapter 4 of SREX (2013) :

  • “There is medium evidence and high agreement that long-term trends in normalized losses have not been attributed to natural or anthropogenic climate change”
  • “The statement about the absence of trends in impacts attributable to natural or anthropogenic climate change holds for tropical and extratropical storms and tornados”
  • “The absence of an attributable climate change signal in losses also holds for flood losses”

Pielke Jr. Agrees – ‘Extreme weather to climate connection’ is a dead issue | Watts Up With That?

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IPCC REPORT SR15 – Extreme Weather Findings

UNIVERSITY of Colorado professor Roger Pielke Jr provides a good summary of the latest UN IPCC extreme weather findings via this twitter thread :




IN August 1934, when CO2 was at ‘safe’ levels, severe to extreme drought covered around 80% of the entire US. Such conditions endured for most of the decade known as the “Dust Bowl” era:

CURRENT U.S. drought conditions under Donald Trump’s reign of climate “denial” terror:



SEE more : 



ACCORDING to the EPA, the low-CO2 1930s had (by far) the worst heatwaves in US history:



AUSTRALIAN tropical cyclones are declining in both intensity and frequency as CO2 increases:

SEE more :



GLOBAL Tropical Cyclone Frequency and energy declining as CO2 increases.


“Numerous studies towards and beyond AR5 have reported a decreasing trend
in the global number of tropical cyclones and/or the globally accumulated cyclonic energy” – UN IPCC SR15 (2018)


GLOBAL Hurricanes are declining in frequency as CO2 increases:

UPDATE 12 Oct 2018 :



2018 is shaping up as one of the least active US tornado years on record, despite record and rising CO2 emissions.

Note: The US represents about 75 percent of the world’s recorded tornadoes:

NB// IPCC SR15 “Extreme Weather” report made no mention of Tornadoes.

UPDATE Oct 4 2018



GLOBAL weather disasters as a percentage of global GDP are declining as carbon dioxide emissions increase.

Through 7 months of 2018 weather disasters as % GDP are on record (low) pace…



NO better way to conclude than this message to global warming climate change alarmists from Former Harvard U. Physicist, Luboš Motl out of his scathing blog post rejecting the latest hyper-alarmist UN IPCC Report…

Message to all climate fearmongers: Give it up. This unscientific movement has already peaked in 2009, it has been dying a slow and painful death for about a decade, and you will be much happier if you accelerate it and make the climate hysteria die quickly and abruptly. If you help to accelerate this dying, if you will help all the sane people to expose how utterly idiotic and corrupt this movement has been, you will feel much happier. And you will also save lots of money because it may cost you, George Soros, a million dollars to brainwash another person – and most of these converts are just inconsequential simpletons. Climate fearmongers, you’ve become some of the most dishonest as well as useless people in the Earth’s history.

The Reference Frame: No one listens to the IPCC fearmongering anymore



FOR more details using the latest Government ‘scientific’ data and peer-reviewed ‘science’, see the Jan 2019 Climate report :



SEE also :

UN related :



ORIGINS Of The Global Warming Scam :


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