DROUGHT : Data Doesn’t Lie, Climate Ambulance Chasers Do

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“Well, the climate is changing. I know it becomes a political debate. But there’s no doubt that our climate is getting warmer.”
Malcolm Turnbull PM


ANDREW Bolt, yet again, calling out the blatant climate falsehoods and exaggerations pushed by the usual band of climate change ambulance chasers keen to blame human emissions for Australia’s latest cyclical drought.

CLIMATE falsehoods not backed up by any ‘scientific’ theory, proof or reasoning, yet are thrown around like confetti by the likes of Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s ‘conservative’ PM, and the global warming theory-obsessed mainstream media…


Here we go again:

Malcolm Turnbull says climate change helps cause droughts, dismissing suggestions Australia abandon global emissions reduction targets.

ABC presenter and warmist Fran Kelly this morning pushed the same line – global warming now had to be made front and centre of drought policy.

Pardon? This is a complete misreading of what is really going on in our climate.

In fact, the rainfall data for NSW shows the pattern of droughts has not got worse over the century. Indeed the first half was drier:

NSW rainfall

NSW rainfall

No sign of increased drought, either, in the crucial Murray-Darling Basin, our agricultural heartland:

Murray Darling rainfall

Murray Darling rainfall

Across Australia, rainfall seems to have increased, not decreased:

Rainfall in Australia

Rainfall in Australia

Yes, the drought has hurt harvests, but there is no evidence before the past year of climate change hurting crops. The opposite, in fact.

From last year:

“Last year’s crop smashed records by about 30 per cent,” [ABARES senior economist Peter] Collins said…

The forecast national harvest sits two per cent above the 10-year-average, but Mr Collins said not everywhere would have an average crop.

Why do warmists so often exaggerate, and treat weather as climate?




FORMER Labor PM Kevin “Pink Batts” Rudd chimes in with some classic climate ambulance chasing and pseudoscientific alarm. Once again, confusing weather with climate…


Climate alarmist Kevin Rudd says “the [NSW} drought is influenced by climate change” and the Prime Minister must “lead global climate action” to stop it.

Meanwhile, Perth’s dam is at record highs. Does Rudd want “climate action” to stop that, too?

WA dams level

WA dams level



Climatism comments :

WEATHER REMINDER : The Northern Hemisphere just endured one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record…

BUT, for members of the devout Climate Crisis Industry, like The Guardian’s George Monbiot et al., record cold is caused by “global warming”!


KEVIN Rudd’s alarmist tweet picks up on the latest ludicrous article out of the BBC:


PAUL HOMEWOOD of the excellent site “Not A Lot Of People Know That” gives the BBC’s Enviro corespondent alarmist Matt McGrath a science lesson…

Hothouse Earth

AUGUST 7, 2018

By Paul Homewood

Latest crap from the warmist establishment, gleefully blown up by the BBC

Climate change: ‘Hothouse Earth’ risks even if CO2 emissions slashed

It may sound like the title of a low budget sci-fi movie, but for planetary scientists, “Hothouse Earth” is a deadly serious concept.

Researchers believe we could soon cross a threshold leading to boiling hot temperatures and towering seas in the centuries to come.

Even if countries succeed in meeting their CO2 targets, we could still lurch on to this “irreversible pathway”.

Their study shows it could happen if global temperatures rise by 2C.

An international team of climate researchers, writing in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, says the warming expected in the next few decades could turn some of the Earth’s natural forces – that currently protect us – into our enemies.

Each year the Earth’s forests, oceans and land soak up about 4.5 billion tonnes of carbon that would otherwise end up in our atmosphere adding to temperatures.

But as the world experiences warming, these carbon sinks could become sources of carbon and make the problems of climate change significantly worse.

So whether it is the permafrost in northern latitudes that now holds millions of tonnes of warming gases, or the Amazon rainforest, the fear is that the closer we get to 2 degrees of warming above pre-industrial levels, the greater the chances that these natural allies will spew out more carbon than they currently now take in.

Back in 2015, governments of the world committed themselves to keeping temperature rises well below 2 degrees, and to strive to keep them under 1.5. According to the authors, the current plans to cut carbon may not be enough if their analysis is correct.

“What we are saying is that when we reach 2 degrees of warming, we may be at a point where we hand over the control mechanism to Planet Earth herself,” co-author Prof Johan Rockström, from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, told BBC News.

“We are the ones in control right now, but once we go past 2 degrees, we see that the Earth system tips over from being a friend to a foe. We totally hand over our fate to an Earth system that starts rolling out of equilibrium.”




The utterly corrupt body of climate science has been getting ever more desperate to scare people about climate change and thereby submit to their radical anti capitalist agenda.

People are not falling for it, so we are now being subjected to ever more absurd announcements like this.

The whole premise of this latest is so wholly ridiculous that, if it had been in any other field of science it would have instantly dismissed as juvenile fantasy rambings with no evidence at all.

But, unfortunately, this is climate science, where any poorly qualified hack with a taste for easy grant money can publish whatever nonsense they want, in the knowledge that the corrupt pal review system will give it the nod, and that the complicit left wing media will give it top billing as indisputable truth


This is the latest puerile attempt to fool the public.


I am on holiday, but it took me about ten minutes to spot the gaping fallacies in their argument.

  1. The world has been much warmer than now, even in the recent past, yet we have never had this supposed runaway warming.

In particular, temperatures in the Arctic have been much higher throughout just about all of the holocene. We know from ice cores that temperatures in Greenland in the 19thC were the lowest since the ice age.

Yet these con artists expect us to believe that current temperatures are leading us into oblivion.

Using the same logic, the same plunge into the LIA should also have led to runaway cooling.

The simple fact is that the world has a remarkable stable climate, which reacts to natural climatic changes, but does not run out of control.


2) The Study relies heavily on warming in the Arctic, which supposedly will lead to ice loss, methane release etc, which will in turn cause further warming.

But we know that Arctic temperatures were much higher a few thousand years ago. We also know they were just as high in the 1930s and 40s.

There was no runaway warming then, and won’t be now.


3) The study also invokes the prospect of the Amazon rainforest dying off because of global warming, and the Sahel returning to desert. It is said that these events will add to CO2 in the atmosphere.

Yet we know from historical evidence during the early holocene that a warmer world is a wetter, greener one. That is why the Sahara was verdant 5000 years ago.

Proper climate scientists, such as H Lamb knew a long while ago that cold global climates lead to droughts, not warm ones.


The public has shown itself remarkably resilient in its determination not to have its standard of living damaged by left wing climate policies. Hence the increasingly desperate attempts by the climate mafia to blame every hurricane, flood, heatwave and drought and wildfire on fossil fuels.

And when that does not work, why not try hell and damnation as well?


You would be entitled, reading the above warnings of apocalypse, to think that we are all doomed anyway. Yet, surprise, surprise, the authors offer us a get out of jail card free! Worldwide communism:

The authors say a total re-orientation of human values, equity, behaviour and technologies is required. We must all become stewards of the Earth.

Now, isn’t that a surprise?



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