DISGRACE : Shameless Link Between Suicide And Climate Change, Circulating The Mainstream Media’s Echo Chamber

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SINCE Climatism reported on the lazy and disrespectful link between suicide and climate change two days ago, a study has now surfaced out of the warmist, Nature Climate Change…


NOT surprisingly, the mainstream media has jumped all over this single study like a pack of hungry wolves, in a blatant attempt to link their emotionally-charged climate change cause with the genuinely emotional and tragic issue of suicide.

“The study, published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, concluded that projected temperature increases over the next few decades could lead to an additional 21,000 suicides in the United States and Mexico by 2050.”

Warming climate will likely boost suicide rates worldwide | Berkeley News


YET another study using the widely criticised UN IPCC CMIP5 climate models that do not accord with the stubborn observed reality of the current and inconvenient ~20 year global warming “pause”


See : 100% Of Climate Models Prove that 97% of Climate Scientists Were Wrong! | Climatism



PUBLISHED yesterday in the warmist journal, Nature climate change


THE studies “could, maybe, might” findings are based on the highest emissions scenario, RCP8.5, pushed out to the arbitrary, unaccountable and ‘sciencey’ date of 2050…

“We project that unmitigated climate change (RCP8.5) could result in a combined 9–40 thousand additional suicides (95% confidence interval) across the United States and Mexico by 2050, representing a change in suicide rates comparable to the estimated impact of economic recessions, suicide prevention programmes or gun restriction laws.”

THE study also took into account seasonal variation, levels of poverty, the news of celebrity suicides and even depressive social media commentary that can lead to more death…

“Analysis of depressive language in >600 million social media updates further suggests that mental well-being deteriorates during warmer periods.”

Higher temperatures increase suicide rates in the United States and Mexico | Nature Climate Change



WHAT level of responsibility is the mainstream media itself willing to accept for stoking “global warming” fears – flogging every heatwave or extreme weather event leading to the collective mass hysteria played out on social media?


AS a sibling of suicide I have witnessed first-hand, and deal with daily, the tragedy of suicide and am personally pissed-off by the mainstream media’s orchestrated ‘collusion’-for-clickbait tactics using the deeply emotional and sensitive issue – suicide – to bolster their failed global warming climate change theory, now circulating on repeat within their shameless echo chamber.

WITH highly spurious and shameless reporting – linking future suicide rates with climate change (based on a single study) in a direct attempt to attract readership and help push the failing global warming climate change theory, it’s not hard to see why trust in the mainstream media is as low as that of a politician’s…


IF you or anyone you know is harbouring feelings of suicide or depression please, please make contact with your local help-line.

FOR Australia, Beyond Blue is an incredible organisation which was proudly formed in 2000 in large response to my brother Tim’s passing in 1999.


UPDATE (26 July, 2018)

Isaac Cross out of News Busters with an excellent summary on how “liberals have discovered a new scare tactic to push their climate control agenda”

The Atlantic Links Climate Change To Suicide

Watch out! Climate change is not only killing polar bears; it is killing humans. The liberals have discovered a new scare tactic to push their climate control agenda and now are saying that increase in temperature leads to increase in suicide.

The Atlantic posted an article concerning this topic on July 23 claiming “unusually hot days have profound effects on mental health and human physiology.” This assertion was based on a report by Nature Climate Change, a monthly journal dedicated to writing on “underlying causes or impacts of global climate change.”

According to The Atlantic, the authors of the report state that “roughly 14,000 people—and as many as 26,000—could die by suicide in the United States by 2050,” as long as “humanity does not reduce its emissions of greenhouse-gas pollution.”

Some of the evidence that the report issued was that, “If a month is 1 degree Celsius warmer than normal, then its suicide rate will increase by 0.7 percent in the United States and 2.1 percent in Mexico.”

The article was just another weapon to frighten people into a stop-climate-change-or-we’ll-die frenzy. As one of the authors, Professor Marshall Burke, described the apparent situation: “It’s all losers. There are no winners.” You might just kill yourself if you don’t buy a Prius.

To be fair, Burke did say that climate change was not the primary cause of suicide, but that also happened to be buried at the very end of the article. The point is that the Left thrives off of the doom and gloom outlook on “climate change,” perhaps none better than Roy Scranton of The New York Times. As long as they can get everybody scared about it, they do not even have to prove that “climate change” is real.

Interesting fact to consider: Alaska, which is the coldest state in the nation, had the second highest suiciderate among all of the states as of May. Not saying it proves anything. Just food for thought.

Isaac Cross is an Intern for MRC Culture, and he contributes posts at the NewsBusters site.



UPDATE 2 (26 July, 2018)

RON Clutz from the excellent site Science Matters helps to clear up the latest disrespectful and dishonest BS from the climate ‘science’ cult and sycophant mainstream media with evidence, reason and common sense…

Climatist Suicidal Obession

Ron Clutz // Science Matters

“Suicides occur more frequently in colder climates than in warmer ones. For example, European studies find the highest rates in eastern European nations and lowest rates in Mediterranean countries…”

Fresh evidence this week linking climate alarm and suicidal fascination.  I am referring to all the mass media reports right now that climate change will cause large numbers of suicides.  The claim (yet again from my alma mater Stanford) is ludicrous for many reasons:

1. A suicide is a personal event with many contributing factors, weather and climate being the most peripheral.

2. Serious suicide researchers have identified risk factors that inform caregivers, no mention of climate.  Franklin et al. provide this analysis of experience with suicidal incidents Risk Factors for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis of 50 Years of Research.

With such complexity of influencing factors, putting emphasis on a bit of warming is both myopic and lopsided. For example, some places report springtime suicides are more frequent, others see more such deaths in Summer or Autumn. The seasonal relationship is quite mixed in studies with various theories being suggested along with great uncertainty.

3. Suicides occur more frequently in colder climates than in warmer ones. For example, European studies find the highest rates in eastern European nations and lowest rates in Mediterranean countries.

4. Preventing suicides is a serious issue, and has nothing to do with reducing CO2.

But the whole climate alarm movement is stained with a suicidal impulse and disdain for humanity

Micheal Walsh published The Suicidal Narrative of the Modern Environmental Left, November 16, 2017.

Walsh presents two recent experiences showing how environmental concerns are embedded everywhere including plane trips and merchandising, then gets into the implications. His text with my bolds and images.

It’s all just advertising, of course, and thus harmless enough. It also goes to reinforcing the narrative: that selfish man is the cause of species endangerment, that primitive societies are superior to developed ones (but then who would buy the locally sourced cocoa beans and moringa leaves?), and that traditional medicine—which is to say, no medicine at all—is somehow superior to what those pill-pushing quacks foist on you before they climb in their BMWs and head out to the links for a round or two of golf. Were that true, the ancient Greeks and Romans might all have lived into their 80s, instead of dying in their 20s and 30s, as unsustainable folks tended to do back then.

Read on…

Climatist Suicidal Obession | Science Matters



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