CHEMISTRY Teacher Lays Out the Facts | CO2 Can Not Cause Global Warming

SOUNDS far too simple to be true. It must be wrong, racist or a conspiracy theory…

5 Comments on “CHEMISTRY Teacher Lays Out the Facts | CO2 Can Not Cause Global Warming”

  1. Denis Rancourt says:

    This post is incorrect. The description of what make a given molecule greenhouse-effect active is wrong.

    Also my this point from elsewhere is relevant:




    • Denis Rancourt says:

      Ooops, this: — I have three criticisms of Hustle.

      The first is the film’s use of a graphical illustration tactic that is based on a scientific error. CO2 is not a “trace gas”. It is a “minor constituent” of the atmosphere. “Trace” has a precise scientific definition. More importantly, it is irrelevant how little CO2 there is. What matters to global radiation balance is not the small amount of CO2 or of greenhouse-effect gasses, but rather the degree to which the resulting atmosphere is opaque to infrared radiation. That is, the amount of gas must be multiplied by the resonant absorption cross-section of the molecule. The said resonant cross-section of CO2, in the relevant band, is huge, which is why the CO2 effect is “saturated” and increasing the CO2 atmospheric concentration has little impact on surface temperature [3].

      Thus, the film’s short cartoon segment with coloured cubes representing the gas constituents of the atmosphere is a false representation, based on incorrect logic, or incorrect physics if you prefer. This error is essentially the same misrepresentation that Al Gore used in reverse to suggest that increasing CO2 has a proportionate impact on climate. Hustle correctly has a scientist explain the error in the Al Gore stunt and did not need the coloured blocks. I guess it was just too tempting to leave out, and the host’s script was not reviewed for accuracy by a physicist.


      • Denis Rancourt says:

        The article is wrong. There are always many incorrect ways to the right result. Here the right result is that there has not been warming from increased CO2. There are many many hand-waving incorrect ideas about why that would be so. The article is just crap. Scientific-sounding as it is.


      • Jamie Spry says:

        Thanks for your input, as always, Dennis. JS

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