PARIS Accord Based on Fraud


Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to 
know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC 
Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itohan award-winning PhD environmental physical

“It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of 
scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming.” – U.S Government
Atmospheric Scientist Stanley B. Goldenberg of the Hurricane Research Division of

“I am a skeptic…Global warming has become a new religion.” – Nobel Prize Winner for
Physics, Ivar Giaever.


MUST READ information on the Paris Accord Fraud via Viv Forbes’  The Carbon Sense Coalition :

INTRO – Why Should Australia Pull Out Of The Paris Accord?

Quit Paris Treaty

Tony Abbott is right – Australia should quit the Paris Climate Treaty.China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia will ignore Paris. USA has already quit and Japan even withdrew from the Kyoto Treaty. Germany will fail to meet its obligations and Poland will not try very hard. France relies heavily on nuclear power and naturally supports imposing Paris handicaps on competitors.

And most of the rest of the world are just hanging in there hoping for a flood of cash from the climate compensation fund or from selling phony carbon credits.

Australia has huge coal, gas, oil and uranium resources. To export these, while we hobble our industries with windmill power, is insane.

Viv Forbes


PARIS Accord Based on Fraud

By Brendan Godwin

Weather Observer and General Meteorology
Bureau of Meteorology
Mawson Antarctic 1974

The Paris Accord is based on fraud. Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is essential for all life on earth. Without it we are all extinct.

There is nothing unusual happing with the globe’s temperatures. No unusual warming.

Our interglacial warm period peaked 8,000 years ago and we are cooling. We’ve come to the end of this interglacial and are about to enter the next ice age. Humans can do nothing to stop that.

The globe has no temperature control knob, it is impossible for humans to control the globe’s temperature.

CO2 does not produce warming. There’s not enough of it to do anything.

It is warming that produces CO2. It is impossible for the cause to be the effect.

CO2 has lagged temperature by 1,000 years for the past 1 mil years and it has never stopped the earth from entering an ice age, even when it was 4,000 ppm.

CO2 is the gas of life. We need more not less of it and we should be regulating for more not less emissions. It is needed to grow our food crops.

Paris is based on IPCC reports. The IPCC rely on their GCM models. None of the models rely on past climate history but rather a mathematical theory based on refuted, negated, fake and fraudulent science. They all incorporate:

  • A “human fingerprint” or THS (Tropical Hot Spot) on the earth’s climate that doesn’t exist. IPCC’s AR2 report was fraudulently altered to remove scientific reports that were negative of their GHE definition;
  • Lewis Fry Richardson’s flawed atmospheric model equation;
  • Michael Mann’s fraudulent hockey stick graph in AR3;
  • Arrhenius’ flawed hypothesis of the greenhouse effect; Arrhenius invented heat from nothing.
  • The multiplier effect of water vapor feedback. The flawed CO2 increases water vapor hypothesis based on Arrhenius and the Charney report; From observations, water vapor is decreasing.
  • A corrupted peer review process.

Then back all this up by fraudulently altering the data to support the failed models that can’t even predict the last 30 years of hindsight.

The money wasted on Paris will do absolutely nothing to the globe’s temperatures and is a waste. Paris is economic vandalism disguised as environmentalism. It is the political agenda of the communist movement. A wealth redistribution scheme to get rich countries to give away money to poor countries with the end goal to destroy capitalism.

The problem with Turnbull is that he only listens to one side of the science, the side that suits him. There are 32,000 real scientists in the NIPCC who dissent from the IPCC.

Politicians need to listen to the real science, not the fraudulent science.

During the last ice age CO2 levels dropped to 180 ppm. Plants don’t grow with CO2 at 150 ppm or less. That’s our food crops. If we lower CO2 will face human extinction.

It is the interglacial warm period that is causing CO2 to be released from the oceans.

Only 3% of annual emissions are from humans. We need more not less to starve off human extinction in the next ice age that is about to hit us.

Brendan Godwin
Weather Observer and General Meteorology
Bureau of Meteorology
Mawson Antarctic 1974


SEE more excellent posts from one of the best climate writers (IMO), Viv Forbes, here…

The Carbon Sense Coalition


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4 Comments on “PARIS Accord Based on Fraud”

  1. Irritable Bill says:

    I’m surprised to be the first given the topic. This is a good article as usual on this excellent site…but misses a very important point.
    The Paris climate gab fest was a massive fraud all right and was all based on the fraudulent “Pausebuster Paper” that Obama and the head of NOAA cooked up to defraud hundreds of billions of dollars from the middle classes of the democratic countries of the world.
    NOAA whistleblowers have testified to this and explained how it was done before Congress. NOAA, caught out, then changed everything back to a more believable set of figures and feigned stupidity for their criminal actions. And when asked to replicate their erroneous document said, “Oh dear, you’re never going to believe this…but the computer broke and we have lost everything.” Well its true that we will never believe it, Australia’s BOM said the exact same thing after they were also caught lying through their teeth.
    Nature mag. who published this swill was so embarrassed by its unbelievable incompetence that they say they will not publish papers any more that cannot be replicated.
    And the sickeningly fake MS-media haven’t mentioned it at all so far as I can see, and the strange little Manchurian Candidate is going to get away with the “Greatest Fraud in Human History” is he? Great, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. johchi7 says:

    I have posted this in other sites comment sections and people need to really think about what this means.

    Over the 4.5 to 5 Billion years history of Earth, scientists have estimated Global Temperatures from various sources that fluctuate from Glacial Maximum to Interglacial Maximum event’s, where for millions of years it’s either cold or hot and hundreds of thousands of years that it takes to transition from one to the other. Meaning that those transitions have fluctuations in temperature that they couldn’t accurately graph because they occurred so long ago, that modern methods cannot give them history of those times. They can only show long term cold and long term hot era’s. Long-term Cold Global Glacial Periods average 12 deg C. Where Long-term Hot Interglacial Periods are 22 deg C. There have been 5 Glacial Minimum Ice Ages and 4 Glacial Maximum Interglacial Periods and the time that we now live in is the Transition Period of an Interglacial Period that only began around 14,000 years ago. But scientists have said this Interglacial started only 12,000 to 10,000 years ago when our Average Mean Temperature is 56.7 deg F. for the past 10,000 years. That Average is based upon the fluctuations of events like the Medieval Waming and the Little Ice Age and several others, that have only fluctuated hot and cold by only 1 to 2 deg F. with a mean of 56.7 deg F. So all this hype of Global Warming and Climate Change has happened since 1880 when the Little Ice Age officially ended and Global Temperatures raised above 56.7 deg F. But here’s the kicker… Earth’s actual Global Mean Temperature is 17 deg C. That’s 63 deg F. That’s nearly 6 deg F. hotter than 56.7 deg F. these scientists have been using. That means that the Mean they’re using still has us closer to the last Glacial Maximum Ice Age and we haven’t yet past the 63 deg F. that would indicate we’re in an Interglacial Global Warming event. What we’re in is still an Ice Age transitioning towards an Interglacial Period of much hotter than these “scientists” are calling Global Warming at only 57 deg F.

    And yet there is indications that in 2030 the Sun will cause another Little Ice Age with Global Temperatures a 1 or 2 deg F. Colder than now…That could last around 200 to 300 year’s like the Little Ice Age did. And I know I’m repeating myself. But Global Warming only starts after we get above 63 degrees F.

    Earth temperatures “stalled” over the last 10,000 years with a mean of 15 degrees Celsius, with a +/- of only 1.1 degrees Celsius fluctuation. But no one is asking why it has stalled and not become an Interglacial, because we are still in the “Last Ice Age” because Earth has not even reached the 63 degrees Mean of the last 4.5 – 5 Billion years.

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  3. […] policy makers can justify deindustrialisation of the Western world through draconian, UN climate Paris-policies based on overheated UN climate models, fear, propaganda, and not observed […]


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