THE Guardian Spewing Out More Man-Made Sea Level Rise Vomit

LIKE Groundhog Day, The Guardian has published another emotion-filled, sea-level rise propaganda piece confirming how bad we are burning fossil fuels, causing Mother Nature to likely punish us with floods.

“Only 7% of the heat being trapped by greenhouse gases is stored in the atmosphere,” Hal begins. “Do you know where the other 93% lives?”

A teenager, wrists lined in aquamarine beaded bracelets, rubs sleep from her eyes. Returns her head to its resting position in her palm. The man seated behind me roots around in his briefcase for a breakfast bar. No one raises a hand.

“In the ocean,” Hal continues. “That heat is expanding the ocean, which is contributing to sea level rise, and it is also, more importantly, creating the setting for something we really don’t want to have happen: rapid melt of ice.”

“Greenhouse gases, atmosphere, expanding oceans, sea level rise, rapid melt of ice” – Shock, horror!!


LET’S break down the hysteria one more time for The Guardian global warming climate change hysterics…


GLOBALLY, seas have risen 400 feet, 120 metres or 120,000mm over the past ~20,000 years, since the end of the last Ice Age.

Over the past 200 years seas have been rising at a relatively steady rate.

According to NOAA the current rate of global sea-level rise is 2.8 ± 0.4 mm/year:

Climate change and sea level rise over the past 20,000 years…

slr-greenland-ice-core Climate change and sea level rise over the past 20,000 years CLIMATISM

Climate change and sea level rise over the past 20,000 years



SEAS have not stopped rising since the end of the last great Ice Age ~20,000 years ago. However, what is pertinent to the sea-level rise debate is whether SLR is accelerating due to human CO2 emissions.

Dr Judith Curry…

Sea level has been rising for the last ten thousand years, since the last Ice Age…the question is whether sea level rise is accelerating owing to human caused emissions.  It doesn’t look like there is any great acceleration, so far, of sea level rise associated with human warming.  These predictions of alarming sea level rise depend on massive melting of the big continental glaciers — Greenland and Antarctica.  The Antarctic ice sheet is actually growing.  Greenland shows large multi-decadal variability. ….  There is no evidence so far that humans are increasing sea level rise in any kind of a worrying way.” — Dr. Judith Curry, video interview published 9 August 2017

“Observed sea level rise over the last century has averaged about 8 inches, although local values may be substantially more or less based on local vertical land motion, land use, regional ocean circulations and tidal variations.

(Climatism bolds)

Sea level rise acceleration (or not): Projections for the 21st century | Climate Etc.



THE key finding from the paper is that long-term observations from tide gauges reveal a recent lack of any detectable acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise“. The modern rate of sea level rise acceleration – 0.002 mm/year² – is so negligible it falls well below the threshold of measurement accuracy.

PERHAPS at some point “consensus”-based climate science will jettison its focus on models and projections of perilous future climate states directly caused by anthropogenic CO2 emissions and instead embrace the observational evidence that may undermine the alarm.

UNTIL then, we will likely need to continue learning about how many millimeters we humans raise sea levels for each kilometer we drive in our fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. Because that’s how “consensus” climate science works.


ACCORDING to “the science” there has been no stat-sig or relevant acceleration of sea-level rise since industrialisation.

That said, something other than essential trace gas carbon dioxide caused seas to rise, at the current steady rate, around 1790:

(NOTE that 85% of man-made CO2 was emitted after 1945.)


RECAP – What we know about sea-levels :

  • Seas have been rising for the past 20,000 years, since the end of the last Ice Age.
  • Sea-levels both rise and fall depending on where you are on the planet. Absolute sea-level varies from negative to positive to stable depending on a range of regional factors including: local vertical land motion, land use, salinity, regional ocean circulations, ocean heat content and tidal variations.
  • Something other than CO2 caused seas to rise at the current steady rate around 1790.
  • No statistically-siginificant acceleration since ~1790.



KEY WEST provides a good quality span of data with sea-level rising at a rate of +2.42 mm/year with a 95% confidence interval of ±0.15 mm/year, based on monthly mean sea level data from 1913/1 to 2018/3…

YOU can see the rate of rise is completely independent of atmospheric CO2 concentration.

NAPLES on the West coast shows similar data with no acceleration since 1965 despite rising CO2 emissions…

PENSACOLA, way over on the West coast has a solid record and again shows no obvious acceleration as CO2 emissions rise, and is consistent with the other rates around Florida at 2.36 mm/year…



TO obtain a clear the trend of sea-level rise, factoring in inter-annual, decadal and multi-decadal oscillations, it is accepted that a minimum 60-70 years of continuous data collected without major perturbations to the instrument are needed to infer reliable trends.

Unfortunately Miami tide gauge data stopped in 1981, giving up only 50 years of data. But it mirrors the average rate of rise shown from Key West, Naples and Pensacola data…

Miami Tide Guage CLIMATISM

MIAMI BEACH sea level trend is 2.39 millimeters/year with a 95% confidence interval of +/- 0.43 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from 1931 to 1981 which is equivalent to a change of 0.78 feet in 100 years.

VIRGINIA KEY is the most up to date data set in the Miami Beach area, and shows the same gradual rise…

WHAT is interesting about Virginia Key and important in the story of the rate of sea-level rise, not only in Miami, but globally is Vertical Land Movement Rate.

VIRGINIA KEY is sinking at a rate of -0.17 ± 0.39 mm/yr which will obviously increase the rate of absolute sea-level rise…


HOW much has sea-level risen in Miami over the past 30 years?

JUST under three inches, at a calculated rate in the 2.0-2.5mm/year range (NOAA, personal communication).  That’s about the thickness of two (2) US pennies.  This sea level rise consists of actual rising sea levels and the geological subsidence of the land at a rate of 0.6 mm/year – about 18 mm or 0.7 inches over the same 30 years.


Miami Beach is at about 7 feet elevation, and sea level is rising about 10 inches per century. That gives them only 700 years to evacuate!


IF you would like to know what’s really going on in Miami, re sea-level rise and flooding, which is an issue, though has nothing to do with CO2 emissions, then this is a must read and completely debunks the dishonest man-made SLR hysteria that is so casually spread in fake news tabloids like The Guardian…

Miami’s Vice | Watts Up With That?


Take Home Messages:

Miami Beach is at such grave risk of sea water flooding today that it should preemptively be declared a disaster zone – not because of global-warming-driven sea level rise but due to a seeming total lack of sensible civil engineering standards and sensible building codes.

Much of the above-ground infrastructure of Miami Beach was originally built on land in areas known to be below historical highest water levels (Maximum), and some of it built below normal highest tide levels (HAT and MHHW) – to make matters much worse, much of it is intentionally connected to the sea by canals cut for this purpose.

Almost all of the underground infrastructure is below  Mean Sea Level – this means utility cables, water lines, sewer lines, basements and storm drains.   All subject to sea water intrusion and the resulting corrosion. Most of these features of a modern city have to be protected by pumps – which must have electrical power to continue to operate.  Sewage must be pumped up into sewage treatment plants – storm drain water must be pumped up and back into the sea — it will not move when the power is out.

Read on…



THE Guardian article also trots out the usual emotional, alarmist rhetoric about Greenland as the great bogeyman bogeyperson of sea-level rise…

“He shows us a clip of the largest glacial calving event ever recorded. It starts with a chunk of ice the size of Miami’s tallest building tumbling, head over tail, off the tip of the Greenland Ice Sheet.”

Rising seas: ‘Florida is about to be wiped off the map’ | Environment | The Guardian

ICE calving is a completely natural event that has been occurring for millions of years without the help of your SUV. And, I don’t blame Greenland for calving off a “chunk of ice the size of Miami’s tallest building tumbling”. 

YOU would too when for the past two years, record amounts of snow and ice have been building up on the continent…

OVER the past 19 months, more than one trillion tons of new ice has formed on Greenland’s surface. This is because a lot more new snow accumulates each year during the long winter, than melts during the short summer.

GREENLAND’S surface is rapidly gaining ice, and the largest glaciers are growing and also expanding.

H/t Tony Heller (Greenland data/info)

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WHAT other climate falsehoods based on emotional rhetoric and superstition does The Guardian spew in its quest to brainwash the gullible?


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