NO Australian Under The Age Of 40 Has Experienced Any Global Warming

AUSTRALIA Temps Vs CO2.png

NASA’s MSU satellite measurement systems, generate the RSS and UAH datasets, which measure the average temperature of every cubic inch of the lower atmosphere (0-10 kms), which happens to be the exact place where anthropogenic global warming is meant to occur, according to anthropogenic global warming theory.


UAH temperature anomaly for May was almost half a degree centigrade (-0.4C) below the 4o year average!

AUSTRALIA Lower Troposheric Temperature Anomaly 1978-2018 CLIMATISM

AUSTRALIA Lower Troposheric Temperature Anomaly 1978-2018


SATELLITES have the obvious benefit of measuring only the atmosphere and the effect that carbon dioxide emissions may be having on the atmosphere. Satellite data is not polluted by UHI (Urban Heat Island effect) – artificial heat generated from city infrastructure; asphalt carparks, airpots, highways, AC vents etc.

UHI (Urban Heat Island effect)

TONY Heller did a survey of the ten oldest stations in New South Wales And Victoria, circled below. Three rural stations were not included because of obvious problems with the data, but none showed any warming:

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.13.52 pm

UHI - Climatism - Sydney - Melbourne

The two urban stations at Melbourne and Sydney both showed strong warming, and both have disastrously poor siting of their thermometers in the middle of large cities.

Melbourne Temperature Anomaly CLIMATISM

Melbourne Temperature Anomaly

Sydney Temperature Anomaly CLIMATISM

Sydney Temperature Anomaly

By contrast, all of the rural stations show a long term cooling trend, with some recent warming. (Note that there is no data for the most recent years with some of the rural stations.)

Bathurst Temperature Anomaly CLIMATISM

Bathurst Temperature Anomaly

Deniliquin Temperature Anomaly CLIMATISM

Deniliquin Temperature Anomaly

Bourke Temperature Anomaly CLIMATISM

Bourke Temperature Anomaly

Forbes Temperature Anomaly CLIMATISM

Forbes Temperature Anomaly

Gunnedah Temperature Anomaly CLIMATISM

Gunnedah Temperature Anomaly

The only conclusion which can be derived from this is that Australia has not warmed long-term, and that BOM claims of record temperatures are due to UHI and/or data tampering.

For all GHCN stations in Australia, there is no net warming since 1880

AUSTRALIA Average Temperature Anomaly At All GHCN Stations | CLIMATISM

AUSTRALIA Average Temperature Anomaly At All GHCN Stations


The Land That Global Warming Forgot

Guest essay by David Archibald

For the first time a major political party has gone into an election with an anti-green platform and won big time. Specifically the Conservative Party platform for the Ontario election on 7th June promised:

  1. This means no carbon tax or cap-and-trade schemes.
  2. Stop sweetheart deals by scrapping the Green Energy Act.

The Conservatives made some other promises too but what was interesting about dropping the carbon tax etc. was the lack of agonising over the science, the planet, polar bears, the Great Barrier Reef or anything else. While the Trump administration recently hired a climate agoniser to head NASA, and the head of the EPA hasn’t moved against the endangerment finding on CO2, Ontario voters in a record turnout voted to make global warming a non-problem by forgetting about it, and getting on with their lives.

Ontario may or may not have had global warming in the late 20th century but there is a whole continent that missed out on it together. The following chart shows the lower troposphere temperature anomaly for Australia since the satellites went up in 1978. The data is from Dr Roy Spencer’s group at the University of Alabama, Hunstville.

AUSTRALIA Lower Troposheric Temperature Anomaly 1978-2018 CLIMATISM

AUSTRALIA Lower Troposheric Temperature Anomaly 1978-2018

Australia’s atmospheric temperature has been a paragon of stability. There has been no increase over the last 40 years. Since global warming has to start in the atmosphere, there has been no global warming in Australia. No Australian under the age of 40 has experienced global warming. Given the way the Sun is going, they are likely to miss out altogether.

If they missed out on global warming, perhaps they have experienced sea level rise? No luck there either. One of the longer sea level series is from Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour with records from May 1914. This is how that data plots up:

Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour - Sea Level Rise CLIMATISM

Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour – Sea Level

There appears to be a slight rise but that is deceptive. The first record in May 1914 was a mean level of 1.111 metres. The last record, for February 2018, is 1.018 metres – 93 mm lower. There can be other interpretations of what it all means but there is no emergency. There isn’t even a trend, unless flat counts as a trend. And in the end the voters are likely to pull an Ontario and decide that there are things that are more important. The Conservatives in Ontario promised to spend C$100 million on autism.

David Archibald

The Land That Global Warming Forgot | Watts Up With That?





AUSTRALIA’S once key economic advantage and proud boast of having the cheapest power prices in the world has been sacrificed at the altar of climate change by its politicians’ obsession with global warming theory and subsequent mad rush into large-scale unreliable ‘energy’ sources – wind and solar.

BIPARTISAN appeasement to the UN climate gods has come at a major cost to Australian businesses and households, now exposed to some of the highest power prices in the world, South Australia officially the highest



AUSTRALIA’S Chief Scientist Alan Finkel was recently asked what difference would be made to the climate if Australia somehow managed to stop emitting 100 per cent of its carbon dioxide – Virtually nothing Finkel admitted.

INSANITY on steroids.



Australian extreme temperatures are falling

Via Clive Best…

Australian extreme temperatures are falling

The annual range of temperature extremes in Australia is reducing as the continent warms.


Annual temperature Range (MaxT -MinT) averaged over all 1800 stations in Australia compared to the temperature anomaly

The annual temperature range is the maximum recorded temperature for that year minus the minimum recorded temperature. The annual continental average is the area weighted average over all 1800 stations. This was a surprise, so I thought it could be an artefact of the changing distribution of stations. However the ACORN-SAT data, which is selected for its long term coverage, shows the same effect.



Annual extreme temperature range compared to temperature anomalies for ACORN-SAT stations.

Are maximum temperatures falling or are minimum temperatures rising? The answer seems to be both, but minimum temperatures are rising slightly faster than maximum temperatures are falling.

See more here…


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