THERE Is No Unprecedented Global Modern Warming

“DURING 2017, there were 150 graphs from 122 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals indicating modern temperatures are not unprecedented, unusual, or hockey-stick-shaped —nor so they fall outside the range of natural variability…”

OBAMA was right when he hashtagged #ScienceSaysSo!

American Elephants

You have heard the wailing and screaming about President Trump’s exit from the Paris Climate Accords, but do you understand that the agreement, never ratified by the U.S. government (NOT a treaty) accomplished nothing at all to modify or change the climate. The climate of the earth has been changing mildly for millions of years, and there is no unprecedented Global-Scale modern warming. The “Accords” were designed to transfer large amounts of wealth from the rich nations to the poor nations, ostensibly to allow them to save themselves from that non-existent unprecedented warming.

There are two kinds of climate science that we are dealing with. One is based on satellite measurements and thermometer readings and recorded history. The other is based on computer programs, based, I believe on computer programs that were designed to forecast what the financial markets were going to do. They took what they knew about the…

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3 Comments on “THERE Is No Unprecedented Global Modern Warming”

  1. Jeff says:

    From: Jeffrey Hall []
    Sent: Tuesday, 15 May 2018 6:42 PM
    To: ERIC ABETZ (; ‘Tony Abbott’; MARK BUTLER (
    Subject: Unanswered questions

    A few questions for those who believe that the science on climate change/ global warming is settled.

    I have read that “ average “ global temperature has risen about one degree C over the past 150 or so years . Is this true ?
    How exactly is “ average “ global temperature determined ?
    Is such a thing really knowable ?.. Keep in mind how vast and changeable our climate system is.

    Apart from satellites, vast areas of our planet have no measuring devices of any kind on them – deserts – oceans – jungles , are you aware of this ?
    How many measurements are being taken from the 15 % of earth`s surface available for devices ?… How many locations are monitored ? How reliable are those who do the monitoring ? What time span ? Who collects the info ? What exactly is done with this information ?

    Has there ever been any evidence of tampering – refusal to release info ??? ( Judith Curry – climate gate )

    Since there are numerous factors contributing to climate change,, things such as – the sun – water vapour – clouds – ocean currents – jet streams – earth rotation – the atmosphere – undersea volcanoes – carbon dioxide etc,, is it possible that the tiny amount of warming may have other natural contributing causes beside just human emission of tiny quantities of carbon dioxide, a trace gas ? Have you ever thought about this possibility ?

    Are you certain that all this warming is a result of human CO2 emission ?
    Is CO2 really that big a player in earth`s climate ? How can you be so sure ?

    Knowing how little CO2 is in our atmosphere, ( one 25th of one percent ) and how essential it is for life on earth is it possible that a little extra would be good for plants ?
    Can anyone on earth predict the future of the earth`s climate 20 , 50 , 100 years in advance ?
    Are you aware that all climate computer models have failed ?… Is it wise to be suspicious of any computer modelling ?
    Have you heard of the 20 year pause in warming ? …Yes, a pause in warming while humans have put huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere… This should be one hell of a cause for caution shouldn`t it ?

    Of the human generated CO2 ,Australia`s contribution is so small as to be almost unmeasurable, about one percent I`m told, did you know that ?
    If all humanity ceased all CO2 emissions , what effect on warming and climate would it have if any ? Does anyone know ?

    Huge amounts of taxpayer funds are spent on trying to prove human CO2 emissions cause warming, are any taxpayer funds used to question this theory ?
    Would a tax on that life giving trace gas have any effect on anything at all ?

    Apart from enriching a few , what good , sensible , practical , workable results are there for the majority of Australians in spending vast amounts of taxpayer money on unreliable renewable technology ?
    How productive are wind and solar ? Where does the power come from when the wind stops and the clouds arrive ?

    Would you consider it a wise and sensible thing for any nation to provide it`s people with a cheap , reliable plentiful supply of power ?
    Are you aware of our vast energy resources in this country ?
    Are you aware of the large unnecessary increases in power costs in recent years ?

    Finally, does anyone realise where we would be without fossil fuels ?

    Jeff Hall

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  2. Jeff says:

    Wind and solar increases the cost of electricity.
    No amount obfuscation can hide this fact.

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