ATTENBOROUGH : ‘Climate Change Stops Plants Growing’

OVER the years, TV naturalist Sir David Attenborough has wowed us all with that mesmerising voice narrating epic visuals of all things nature. Aesthetics aside, and not doubting the man’s intelligence, Attenborough persists in parroting easily demolished propaganda about the threat of ‘climate change’.

IN the BBC1 series on Africa he claimed that the wildlife there was at a “pivotal moment in their history” and “Africa’s climate is certainly changing. Some parts of the continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years.”

WHEN challenged, the BBC indicated that the claim of a 3.5C rise over 20 years was sourced from a Christian Aid report. The BBC acknowledged that the 3.5C claim, based on that NGO source, had no basis in fact and the statement would be removed when the program was repeated.

GLOBAL warming’s favourite mascot – polar bears – haven’t escaped his misinformed activism. The Oasis Nature Channel, of which Attenborough lent his name and reputation to, presented a series of programs entitled Extinctions, about animals under threat. The first of the series was about polar bears, which they referred to as the canaries in the global-warming coalmine, ignoring the fact that polar bear numbers are actually the highest since records began.

ATTENBOROUGH’S resume wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to UN “sustainability” (Agenda 21) and the tenets of Thomas Malthus

IN his latest eye-rolling rant, Attenborough claims that climate change “stops plants growing” and that global warming will create a “plant-less desert” !

Sir David Attenborough marks the reopening of the Temperate House at Kew Gardens, the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world this evening. He praises conservation work being done at the botanical gardens to preserve plants which otherwise would die, due to climate change. Kew Gardens is currently finding and researching species of plants that can help restore land affected by global warming, instead of letting our landscape become a “plantless desert”.

Attenborough: Kew preserves rare plants – BBC News

ASSUMING that climate change aka global warming equates to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, (I say ‘assuming’, because climate change aka global warming can mean whatever an alarmist wants it to mean depending on their particular eco-grievance of the day) then it would appear our favourite ye-olde botanist has officially exchanged brains for blunts, in claiming that climate change “stops plants growing” !

BACK ON THE ‘BLUE PLANET’, DAVID >> Carbon dioxide = plant food!




Good News! We Have Lots More Forest Than We Thought



AWESOME video of CO2 absorption and plant growth Via JoNova :

FROM the AIRS satellite at NASA

WATCH how greenness and CO2 oscillate. Carbon dioxide is the yellow stuff on the map.

AS you watch the yearly cycle, hold on to the thought: “my car can change global CO2 levels”…

(My favourite part starts half way).


MORE Co2 is GOOD for Earth – Seeing is Believing – Time Lapse Video: 2 Plants Growing:



ACCORDING to alarmist Attenborough, climate change “stops plants growing” and global warming will create a “plant-less desert” !

SORRY Sir David, but the “science” that you and the climate cult constantly bang-on about, simply doesn’t stack up with your silliness.

FORTUNATELY however, preaching global warming gives you a licence to lie.


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4 Comments on “ATTENBOROUGH : ‘Climate Change Stops Plants Growing’”

  1. Bill says:

    He’s not my “Bro”, this lying sack of shit has been at it for very many years, part of the socialist child-mind-trap set by the worst vermin ever assembled in international political history.
    And he want to hand it over to “The wonders of the universe” shill whats his name who went on the ABC and famously lied about global warming there.
    Great, isn’t it? I am still waiting for a reply from David Suzuki about his Mount Pinatubo Chicken Little comments, after writing many letters to him am yet to receive a reply…and yet these scum are still revered by the MSM and socialist orgs around the planet.
    I have a newsflash for the “Bro”, it was considerably hotter in the early Holocene optimum, a time when Hippos lived in the Sahara. What an asshole. Or he is a complete fool, take your pick. I say both.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bjc70 says:

    I went off him years ago when he had to admit to faking some shots in his wildlife series.

    Liked by 1 person

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