Here is Why the Left is Officially Insane

“The election of Donald Trump may have brought the violent nature of the Left that was always known underneath the surface and was successfully *hidden for many years to the surface…”

Spot-on Gjihad. The Left, the not so “tolerant, peaceful, diverse, inclusive or kumbaya” champions that they claim to be.

Green Jihad

It finally built up from the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States to now to demonstrate how insane the Left truly is. All of the riots, lootings, shootings and multiple political demonstrations all lead to two news stories that finally prove the Left has not been radicalized, they are radicals.

This past Saturday, a well-known proponent of gay rights and environmentalist named David Buckel set himself on fire in Prospect Park in New York City as a means to warn people that the Earth is in big trouble due to human activity. Ironically, Buckel used a fossil fuel in order for his tragic act to be successful.

Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather, Buckel said in his suicide note. Our present grows more desperate, our future needs more than what we’ve been doing.

In Los Angeles, California, at a cost…

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2 Comments on “Here is Why the Left is Officially Insane”

  1. Jeff says:

    We desperately need more of his ilk to copy him..

    These mentally challenged zealots who have high educations yet zero ability to research and think clearly are going to bring great destruction on many people. Remember,, reason and logic are the two fundamental pillars that civilization rest on.
    We are now at a point where nonsense carries the same weight as commonsense
    When it comes to affordable , reliable power for the entire nation, our government , with much support from foolish, uneducated creatures like Mark Butler, is cutting off the very branch we`re sitting on…

    It`s hard to believe isn`t it

    This is already one hell of a mess , and it`s getting worse .

    Jeff Hall

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  2. Jeff says:

    Our once cheap and very reliable power supply is being destroyed.. There will be no benefit for the citizens at all, and certainly no climate improvement at all.

    If an ordinary person like me can do their research and discover the foolishness of blaming CO2 for catastrophically heating the planet, why can`t our politicians ?

    Your readers can be assured : we are in for a rough time ahead.

    Jeff Hall

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