MAINSTREAM Media Credibility Is Critically Vulnerable To Junk Science And Climate Alarmism

NICKNAMED “The Gray Lady“, The New York Times has long been regarded within the industry as a national “newspaper of record”.

IN March the paper launched a series called Warming Planet, Vanishing Heritage which examines “how climate change is erasing cultural identity around the world.” The series based on a UN “World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate report, designed to push the fashionable theme that your lifestyle is causing imminent danger to ancient monuments by dangerous sea-level rise and other climatic horrors.

Nicholas Casey, a New York Times correspondent based in Colombia, and Josh Haner, a Times photographer, traveled 2,200 miles to Easter Island in, I assume, a glider powered by trained albatrosses, to see how the “ocean is erasing the island’s monuments”.

BEING the “newspaper of record”, the rest of the sycophant mainstream media and activist affiliates followed suit and covered the story…



THE New York Times’ motto, “All the News That’s Fit to Print”, appears in the upper left-hand corner of the front page. However, it seems the actual “science” related to Easter Islands rate of sea-level rise wasn’t “fit to print”!

NOT hard to see why…

NOAA has 40 years of SLR data from 1970-2010 showing an indistinguishable sea-level rise of 0.33 millimetres/year. Equivalent to a change of 1.32 inches in 100 years:

THE islands monuments and coastline may be suffering from that natural thing called ‘erosion’ which happens when waves pound a coastline over eons. But, a sea-level rise rate of 1.32 inches over 100 years cannot possibly be causing anything other than inconvenient data for the fake news media to omit at all costs.

ASTONISHING and ultimately deceptive that not a single reporter in any of these articles bothered to check this most basic determinant of the islands “imminent danger” to the oceans – the rate of sea level rise at Easter Island.

ANOTHER classic case of “Omission Bias”. The most insidious form of propaganda, in my opinion.

HOW many other stories on “climate change” are manipulated to give you only the side that fits the catastrophic man-made climate change narrative?

SADLY, the mainstream media has become a costly megaphone for the extreme eco-activist movement, further damaging the reputation of “science”. This example another classic reason why the climate-theory obsessed mainstream media cannot be trusted on anything climate change. Even if they did want to report the truth with actual “science” and real-world data, they would struggle, as too many jobs and reputations are now at stake.

WHO are the real science “deniers”?


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