Mother Nature Not Behaving As Climate Scientists Expected


RARE snowfall turns Rome into winter wonderland | pic NBC News

LATEST data of common climate metrics that are misreported or omitted by the mainstream media because the actual reported *data* simply doesn’t cooperate with their catastrophic global warming narrative…


THE Arctic still hasn’t melted away as climate zealots prophesied. The “disappearing” ice continues to grow with volume the highest in several years:

SEA ice thickness is greater than a decade ago:

ARCTIC temperatures have plummeted below the 1958-2002 median since the media-hyped “Arctic heatwave“:



ANTARCTIC sea ice has bounced back to within the 1981-2010 median after diminished ice coverage over the past few years due to a “perfect storm” of tropical, polar conditions – not ‘climate change’ in 2016:


ANTARCTICA continues its long 40 year+ cooling trend, gaining ice mass despite record and rising CO2 and alarmist claims of The Hottest Years Evah

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.24.35 am.png

From the abstract:

Mass changes of the Antarctic ice sheet impact sea-level rise as climate changes, but recent rates have been uncertain. Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) data (2003–08) show mass gains from snow accumulation exceeded discharge losses by 82 ± 25 Gt a−1, reducing global sea-level rise by 0.23 mm a−1.

Mass gains of the Antarctic ice sheet exceed losses | Journal of Glaciology | Cambridge Core



CONTARARY to popular myth, Greenlands surface is not “melting down”. For the second year in a row it is growing above normal:


Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI



LATEST February data from NASA’s UAH satellite data, continues the temperature drop from the 2015/17 super El Niño peak with current temps only 0.2C above the running average:



SEA surface temperatures are cooling down off the 2015-2017 El Niño spike:


DON’T wait for encouraging climate news from the mainstream media or government scientists living off the taxpayer teat. They are only interested in the catastrophic variety in order to protect their grants, jobs and reputations.


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2 Comments on “Mother Nature Not Behaving As Climate Scientists Expected”

  1. chaamjamal says:

    Could be due to interference with the earth’s gravity and magnetic fields by UFOs.


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